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Adopt Deaf dog Evie
Adopt Deaf Dog Evie

Misunderstood Sweetheart

American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix


Meet Evie!

In early July, Miss Evie - a 12 month old American staffy cross - made her way up to Townsville from Sydney. She had unfortunately found herself in a Sydney shelter and despite being adopted twice, had been returned twice. It wasn’t until after her second return that it was confirmed that Evie is deaf and she needed our help if she was ever going to find a forever family.

In the months she’s been in care with HNE, Evie has made wonderful progress thanks to the commitment ​of the HNE Team.

Evie has mastered ​all her basic training, plus a couple of tricks and is super athletic so a few dogs sports may just be added to her repertoire.

Evie loves her canine foster brother and gets along well with other dogs. So far with her supervised interactions with cats, she’s been great. She’s untested with pocket pets.

Evie does have some quirks. She can be very bouncy when she sees her people and will jump up in excitement. She’s making improvements with this, but it is a work in progress. Much of this is driven by how excited she is to finally be part of a family instead of just being left in a yard 24/7 or alone in a cage at a shelter. She is learning day by day that people will always be there for her and that she gets much more attention when she has all four paws on the floor.

Evie is also a little obsessive with her toys and likes to have a toy with her at all times as something to help comfort her (a bit like a toddler with a security blanket). She doesn’t resource-guard her toys though and will share them with her canine and human companions.

Given that can she can be rather bouncy still, Evie would be best suited to a home without small children. A home with dog-savvy teenagers would be ideal.

Evie is a high energy dog and requires a home that will be committed to ensuring she receives lots of physical exercise. She’ll also benefit from lots of mental stimulation to prevent her from becoming bored.

Evie continues to make wonderful progress every day, but she is still a work in progress and requires a family who understands this and is prepared to continue working with her to make sure she reaches her full potential.

* Interstate adoptions are welcome *

Medical notes

Evie is deaf.




12 months



Micro chipped






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In progress



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Aged 7+



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