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Congratulations Adele!

TIt’s with great pleasure that today we can announce that our gorgeous girl Adele - who arrived in care back in January - has now officially been adopted.

Adele had the special honour of being our first ever Hear No Evil foster dog in South Australia. After a public naming competition, she earned her name as a special nod to Adelaide – the city she was being fostered in.

Adele's foster family did a wonderful job with her training and with getting her ready for adoption, but it took some time before she had any adoption interest.

After 7 months in care, Adele’s beautiful face finally caught the attention of the right family. A family that already included a young deaf staffy and a family that loves deafies as much as our HNE team does and was excited about the prospect of sharing their home with two deaf dogs.

After a couple of meet and greets, it was clear that Adele was as in love with her potential new mum, dad and canine sister as they were with her. So, it was an easy decision to send her off with them to start her adoption trial period.

Earlier this week, that trial period was up and Adele’s mum confirmed that their gorgeous new girl would be staying right where she was.

Along with her new family, Adele now has a lovely new name – Alva. As you can see from some of the photos that Alva’s new family has shared with us, she’s absolutely smitten with her new sister and best friend Luna. They are an inseparable pair and we couldn’t be happier.

Congratulations Alva on finding the family of your dreams. We’re so excited about the fabulous life you have ahead of you and we just love that you’ll get to share the rest of your life with Luna. xxx

Medical notes

Adele is deaf.

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