Successfully Adopted


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Adopt deaf dog alf
Adopt deaf dog alf
Adopt deaf dog alf

Seriously, I'm adopted!!

Large Male Catahoula

Yes Alf, you are. You are officially our final adoption of the year and our 47th adoption for 2017.

We had a sneaking suspicion that when Alf moved foster homes there’d be a high likelihood of him becoming a foster-fail, and we so pleased his foster mum, Erryn turned that suspicion into reality.

Congratulations gorgeous boy - after spending so long in care you found yourself with a beautiful foster family who realised they loved you too much to ever let you go and chose to make you theirs forever. Happy life Alf!

Huge thanks again Rebecca for taking such awesome care of Alf for most of this year and thanks Erryn for giving Alf the new foster home he needed and also the forever family of his dreams.

Medical notes

Alf is deaf.

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