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Bruce adopt a deaf dog

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Bruce adopt a deaf dog

Devine Deafie

Large Male American Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix

Meet Bruce!

Oh my! I think we may have just found our most handsome HNE dog ever! Our beautiful Bruce is an absolute stunner and if our own team’s reaction to his divine face is anything to go off, then we know there are many of you out there looking at him right now and thinking that he is absolute deaf dog perfection!

Bruce is around 2 ½ years old and is an American staffy x (possibly mixed with bull arab or mastiff). He’s around 30kgs, so although he’s not a tiny dog he’s certainly not a giant beastie either. Those of us who like the bigger dogs think he’s the perfect size – not too big to crush you when he wants lap cuddles, but no strain on the back either when it comes to giving him lots of pats! ☺

Beautiful Bruce is a curious kid who always wants to know what you’re doing and if he can somehow get involved too. If your hand happens to be anywhere near him then he quite justifiably assumes you’re wanting to pat him. And who wouldn’t want to keep patting him?!?!??!

Bruce loves people he’s familiar with and would be the happiest boy in the world if his new family included him in their daily activities and any fun adventures they get up to. He can be a little shy/standoff-ish with new people, but once he knows whoever he is meeting is safe and a friend, he’s a happy boy.

Bruce has his basic training down-pat – he can sit, drop, stop/stay and has lovely meal-time manners.

As an energetic boy who can sometimes get a little bit too excited around his family, he’s best suited to a home where any children are aged 8+. He will also require a home without cats, pocket pets or poultry. If you have another friendly, high energy dog who loves to play then we’d love to hear from you. Even if it’s just you and some older kids and/or a partner at home and no other dog, we’d also welcome your contact. While Bruce would love a canine buddy to romp around with, in the right home with the right amount of physical and mental stimulation, he’ll be a very happy boy.

Medical notes

Bruce is deaf.

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