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adopted deafie
Adopted Deafie

Home at last!

Red Heeler

Congratulations Elliot!

In October last year we were alerted to a young deaf red heeler who had found himself in a Queensland shelter. He was adopted twice and returned twice… When we found out about him, we were his last chance. We spent weeks trying to find a carer for this boy with no luck and it seemed his fate was sealed. Then at literally the 11th hour, just as he was going to be taken to be put to sleep, we found a carer for him and guaranteed his safety.

There was a collective sigh of relief from us and the beautiful shelter workers who had tried so hard to help him and give him a chance at a happy life.

After a long trip down south, Elliot settled well into his foster home just outside Sydney, enjoying the company of the resident Chihuahua and young kids. Unfortunately after a few months there had been no adoption interest in Elliot and his foster family had to move out of their rental property and they couldn’t find another property where he could also join them.

So in April this year, our lovely Elliot made a return trip back up north to a new foster family in Townsville. And it was with this foster family that we not only had the chance to see just exactly how incredible Elliot is, but it was also with this family that we were able to demonstrate that a dog can thrive in any environment if given the proper physical and mental stimulation. At just under 2 years of age and a working breed, Elliot is an energetic young dog and when he arrived in Townsville he moved into an apartment with just a balcony – no yard.

We take each foster and adoption case on its own merits. We knew that the absence of a yard was going to be no problem for a dog whose foster family would include him in everything they did and every adventure they went on, and whose foster dad loves to run and was keen for a running companion. From the day he arrived with his foster family, Elliot was given all the exercise, mental stimulation and love he needed to enable him to live his 'apartment life' in total happiness.

While we continued to search for an adoptive family for Elliot, we knew his foster family were falling more and more in love with him each day. So it came as no surprise last weekend when at a local Townsville event that Elliot’s foster mum was attending (with Elliot of course!) that she instructed our President not to display Elliot’s profile in amongst the other profiles of adoptable dogs. Elliot’s foster parents had decided that Elliot had experienced enough change in his life, they loved him too much and they simply couldn’t let him go.

So, it’s with great pleasure tonight that we are announcing our gorgeous Elliot is officially a foster-fail. When his foster parents were thinking about adding a dog to their family, a cattle dog never entered their minds as a possibility. But after 4 months with Elliot, they couldn’t imagine sharing their life and home with anyone but him.

Congratulations Elliot on your adoption – our entire team is absolutely over the moon that in your foster family you also found your forever family. We wish you, your mum and your dad a lifetime of happiness, fun and love together. xxx

Medical notes

Elliot is deaf

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