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Adopt Deaf Dog Margot

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Adopt Deaf Dog Margot
Adopt Deaf Dog Margot
Adopt Deaft Dog margot
Adopt Deaf Dog Margot

Distance is no obstacle

Large Female Boxer

When looking for a forever home, we look far and wide for the right family and for Margot that meant travelling across country to WA, but the long trip was well worth it for this young boxer pup going by the update received from her adoptive mum.

"Miss Margot. She has settled in very well, and so far is enjoying country life! Her toilet training is going really well, with the only accidents being now when she gets excited or so involved in what she is doing, she forgets and just goes there and then.

Margot mastered the doggie door in about 20 mins and has free reign of both inside and outside. We left her for the first time on Friday night for a couple of hours, and to our surprise (knowing boxer puppies) came home to no damage and her fast asleep on her bed.

Margot has shot up in the last few weeks, and I think she is going to be a big girl! She certainly has personality and a half, but is also the most lovable little girl and has become my shadow.

We have found water makes her slightly crazy a bit like the movie Gremlins, but she loves it and provides no end of amusement for us. Literally after getting wet she turns into a Tasmanian Devil and runs around like a nutter for the next 1/2 hour."

We are so thrilled that she settled in and is thriving in a loving environment. 

Medical notes

Margot is deaf.

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Kerry Smith says May 21, 2022

Interested in this beautiful girl

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