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Nyle Adopt a Deaf Dog

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Nyle Adopt a deaf dog
Nyle Adopt a deaf dog
Nyle Adopt a deaf dog
Nyle Adopt Deaf Dog

Gorgeous and goofy

Large Male White Shepherd Dog Mix

Meet Nyle!

This stunningly handsome, super-friendly deaf boy arrived in care with us recently after finding himself at the RSPCA in Townsville.

Nyle is around 12 months old and is a white shepherd x. He is great with other dogs, is curious about cats (but so far has shown no tendency to chase or annoy) and he has lovely manners.

Nyle is very handler focused and is eager to learn. He is already making great progress on his basics after just a short period of time in foster care.

His energy level is moderate. This means that although he would do best with regular daily exercise, he’s not a dog that is going to require a marathon effort to wear him out each day. A good morning walk, some fun things like big bones or puzzle toys to keep him occupied if he’s going to be a solo dog, or a friendly canine buddy to romp around with during the day will be enough to keep him happy while he waits for his family to get home from work each day. Of course, if you don’t work or you work from home and want a dog who will be happy to hang out with you and enjoy your company each day, then Nyle will eagerly sign himself up to be your new best friend.

Medical notes

Nyle is deaf.

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