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Adopt a deaf cat Roo

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Adopt a deaf cat Roo
Adopt a deaf cat Roo

Honary Canine

Domestic short hair cat

Meet Roo!

​Roo is a 4 year old male domestic short hair honorary canine (otherwise known as a cat!)

​He has a cheeky personality and likes to be involved in everything that's going on in his foster home. He can be very chatty and loves "talking" to his foster family while rubbing up against their legs. Chin scratches are one of his favourite things in life!

Roo is currently living in a home with a young child and has shown himself to be kid-friendly. If there's a bit too much noise or movement happending though, then he'll take himself away. Yep - it turns out that depsite being in care with a deaf-specific rescue, Roo can hear!

With his pale coloring, Roo requires an indoor-only home or access to  a secure outdoor enclosure.

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