Old But Not Forgotten: Becoming Sanctuary Dog

Daisy Rescue Dog

The State of Daisy

At the start of March; we welcomed Daisy into care with Hear No Evil as a sanctuary dog.

Daisy was old, emaciated, had a massive mammary tumour, conjunctivitis, severe long-term skin irritation, a mouthful of rotting teeth and so many other random lumps, bumps and damaged bits along with a body that clearly showed she had done nothing but produce litter after litter of puppies her entire life.

From the minute she arrived into care, we worked hard on getting Daisy healthy enough to undergo surgery. In that time, a lot of work also went into getting Daisy’s skin issues under control. 

Daisy on the day of her arrival looking very emaciated

Her skin condition was the least of her worries.

Some, 25 days after making her break from the pound and joining the Hear No Evil family, Daisy underwent a mammoth 2+ hour surgery. In that time, our incredible vet team worked their magic. Daisy was desexed, her 340 gram mammary tumour was removed, multiple rotting teeth were removed and abscesses in her mouth caused by her rotting teeth were treated.

Mammary tumour weighed 340gms

After 2+ hours tumour removed

The Reality of Rescue

We know that some people may be unhappy about the graphic surgical photos we’ve shared here. However, this is the reality of rescue. This is what neglect leads to. This is what an un-desexed female dog is likely to experience. These images represent Daisy’s reality.

Strength & Resilience

It came as no surprise given the strength and resilience she has shown since the day we first met her that Daisy came through her massive surgery with flying colours.

Of course Daisy isn’t impressed about wearing a cone, but she is loving being able to lay flat on her stomach for the first time in many years. Our vet team confirmed that the level of calcification in the tumour indicated that it had been there for a VERY long time...

Along with finally being able to lay comfortably, Daisy can also move much more easily and even with a belly full of stitches she is in significantly less discomfort than she was just a few days ago.

From Horror Story Start to Fairy Tale Ending: Becoming A Sanctuary Dog

Daisy will spend the next few weeks recuperating in her foster home before she joins her sanctuary family and begins the final stage of the fairy-tale ending we promised her when we collected her from the pound. For the rest of her days, she will be safe and loved. Never again will a health issue go untreated. Never again will she go hungry. Never again will she suffer.

We’d like to say another huge thank you to our generous supporters who responded to our request for financial assistance and donated to help us with Daisy’s vet bills. And a massive thank you to Daisy's foster mum who went above and beyond for Daisy from the day she arrived in care and who is responsible for Daisy's phenomenal physical transformation.

If you would like to assist in Daisy's continued recovery; donating please click here.

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Evelyn says May 2, 2018

I hope she is fully recovered now. Wish her all the best

    hearnoevil says May 3, 2018

    Thanks Evelyn she still has some has some issues but she is being taken care of and loved.

Patty Leemhuis says May 3, 2018

Thanks for taking such good care of Daisy. She is lucky to be able to live out the rest of her life in a safe and happy place!

    hearnoevil says May 3, 2018

    Thank you Patty. This last part of her life will be so much better then first part, that’s for sure.

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