Rescue is Not Magic

Rhino available for adoption

Every now and then we get told we are not doing enough to rescue EVERY deaf dog in the country or we are taking too long to respond to calls, emails, FaceBook messages, text messages, tags, call outs etc... Rescue is not magic.

Rescue is Hard! It's not instant and it's not convenient. It expensive, emotionally draining, frustrating and time consuming. It happens in the real world, and we are not always able to answer the phone or monitor social media or emails.

We are a tiny rescue, completely volunteer run with limited resources. That means we are almost always running at Maximum Capacity with Minimal Funds.

We will always endeavour to help as many dogs as our current resources allow, but sometimes we simply cannot fit another dog in to the rescue immediately. And for this we cop abuse, insults and negative gossip.

We can only help dogs if we can find them an available foster home. ALL of our Volunteers and Foster Carers have jobs, families, children, pets of their own and limitations on what they can take into their homes.

Our foster carers spend countless hours working with the dogs we bring in to overcome the very same issues that they often get surrendered for - the barking, digging, destruction, separation anxiety, escaping, lack of social skills and fear aggression.

It's not Magic - it's time, effort, patience, consistency, rewards, understanding, and commitment. It's blood, sweat and tears. And they do it for as long as they need to, for a dog that isn't theirs, so that somebody else down the track can benefit from all that hard work.

Could you do what they do?

To answer  some regular questions:

  • Yes, we do take private surrenders but our priority is to dogs who need us the most and are at risk.
  • Yes, we have a waiting list, some dogs on our list have been waiting months for a suitable foster home.
  • Yes, we run a Surrender Prevention program, so if it is a lack of knowledge, training or behaviour related or even a containment issue causing a re-homing we will work with you to overcome those issues so you can keep your dog.
  • Yes, we are Australia's deaf specific rescue but there are many other great mainstream rescues that we work with that also take in deaf dogs.
  • If you do have a dog in need of re-homing, please do not delay contacting us until the last minute. The more time we have the better chances your dog has of finding an appropriate foster home with us. Rescue is not instant, please be patient and work with us.

A note to surrenders:

We run this rescue to help deaf and special needs dogs, but we are not a dumping ground.
We are not obligated to take your dog and you cannot force us to by threatening to harm your dog or us. These behaviours will not be tolerated and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

A note to our critics:

We appreciate constructive criticism, we honestly do, it helps us focus on areas that may be lacking our attention or that could be better streamlined but if your complaint is because you haven't had a reply to a query within an instant or we don't have have a space; please read the above again.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and run our rescue ethically and with total transparency.

For those that have nothing but negative things to say to us, to anyone spreading rumours about us, and even to those that apply unneeded pressure on us - stop.

Have you got the facts?  Have you actually spoken to us? and most importantly...

Have You Volunteered Yet?

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