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Easy Going Boy

Bull Arab Mix

Meet Flaaki!

Flaaki is a goofy Bull Arab mix, who is approximately 2 years old. He may not be the "sharpest tool in the shed" but he is very sweet and affectionate.

He has the cuties face with his big velvety nose and ears that have a mind of their own. He has partial heterochromia in his left eye (a fraction of Blue in his Amber eyes) which gives his eye a ‘galaxy’ appearance. Having a short white coat, he will require protection from the sun with daily sunscreen, lots of shade, or access indoors.

He is full of wonder at new things and shows his excitement with his whole body. He does a very cute happy feet impression when he's waiting for a pat and enjoys is daily crazy laps around the yard. This is followed by a dip in his clamshell pool followed by a long nap under the bushes.

Flaaki has been doing his very best to learn his basics and so far has mastered Sit, Come and Stay in short burst (really there are way too more interesting things to do than sit on a mat). In his repertoire of skills are Look, Drop, Touch, Stand Up (with Crawl and High Five in progress).

Flaaki may be deaf but his excellent nose and eyesight he makes an excellent guard if something is not right.

Flaaki likes to be with you and know what you are doing and if he can help. He's also happy to entertain himself in the yard as a solo dog but would also love to have company ​of a female companion.

Although OK with kids, he is still a big bouncy puppy who doesn’t know his size and may be too much dog for smaller children.

If you are after a dog that will bring you joy and laughter everyday, than this sweet Flaaki is the one for you. 

Flaaki is currently located in Townsville QLD

* Interstate adoptions are welcome *

Medical notes

Flaaki is deaf.




Jan 2017



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