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Best Mate Found

Australian Cattle Dog

Huckleberry Finn!

At just 5 months old Huckleberry Finn is very smart, independent and a little bit cheeky and we have seen him settle into care brilliantly, so well in fact that his foster carers decided to adopt him. 

Having joined the Hear No Evil family some 12 months ago as foster carers; their first foster dog also became a permanent member of their family, so we had a sneaking suspicious that young Huckle may result in a foster fail. All the signs were there; the way they spoke about this young bouncy and energetic pup and the they way they included him into to everything thing they did.

But it was the bond that this cheeky little fella formed with their resident dog, Elliot that really sealed the deal. Elliot was so patient with him, he let him bite his ears and jump all over him and he didn't even mind if he stole his bone from right under his nose. Huckleberry just wanted to be anywhere that Elliot was and seeing this they just couldn't bear to separate the pair.

Medical notes

Huckleberry Finn is deaf.

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