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Feyre Adopt a deaf dog

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Feyre Cattle Dog X for Adoption


Bully/Cattle Dog Mix

Feyre (pronounced Fay-ra) is a deaf, approximately 12 month old bull terrier cross cattle dog. She came from a rural NSW pound a few months ago and settled into care perfectly.

Despite being beautiful, Feyre isn’t just looks though, this girl is very intelligent and loves a challenge! Feyre has been learning all her basics since landing with her foster family and knows sit, drop, come and stay. She absolutely loves to carry things around in her mouth. She can also crawl, shake and jump on command. Feyre is house trained, dog social and ok with dog-savvy cats.

Feyre was very timid in the pound environment but has really come out of her shell since arriving in her foster home. She is a cheeky girl and a lover of love. As such she is currently looking for her ideal match. Feyre had tried dating apps but has found that they aren’t really her cup of tea so has decided to make her must haves perfectly clear. Check below to see if you tick all the boxes to become her lucky forever family.

Feyre’s must-haves include:

  • Secure fencing. She has been known to wander off in her attempts to broaden her search for her forever family and take matters into her own paws.
  • The company of another friendly dog – one that is her size or bigger.
  • Any children in her home to be over 6 years of age. Feyre is fine with children but does prefer them slightly bigger.
  • A home that is willing to continue her training and also to provide adequate physical and mental stimulation. Like many intelligent dogs, if left to her own devices she will become bored and destructive.
  • A home where she is included as part of the family. This is a requirement for all of our dogs, but Feyre loves her people and loves nothing more than hanging out with them while they are home.
  • The opportunity to go on adventures with her family. Her current favourite destination is the beach. If visiting the beach is not an option in her new home, then she will happily explore other places and then claim the perfect snuggling spot on the lounge after returning home.

Freyre is located in Townsville QLD

* Interstate adoptions are welcome *

Medical notes

Feyre is deaf.




12 months



Micro chipped






Basic training

In progress



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Ashleigh says July 29, 2020

I’m 90% Feyre is my girl’s sister! Crazy how similar they look!

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