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Bandia the blind dog adopt

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Beautiful Bandia

Desert Princess

Meet Bandia!

Miss Bandia is now approximately 3 ½ years old and her very dedicated carer has constantly sought ways to build Bandia’s confidence and to help her adjust to life in the suburbs. Bandia continues to show progress each and every day. She has recently learnt how to play with toys all by herself and is also in the process of learning how to play fetch.

Bandia has all of her basic obedience in place along with a number of extra commands that help her to navigate new places safely. She is crate trained, toilet trained, confidently uses a dog door and travels well in the car. Bandia does require regular grooming plus clipping over the warmer months. Whatever random mix is in our desert princess has left her with a coat that needs maintenance (no surprise really, don’t all princesses require some kind of maintenance???).

Our hairy princess is an absolute champion snuggler and loves to soak up all the cuddles on offer. She is relatively low energy and she loves her walks, confidence building activities, her toys and her people. She will enthusiastically greet her people when they arrive home with her trademark yodel! She will also assist with bug control as she enjoys chasing and catching sky raisins (Bandia doesn’t let the fact she can’t see get in the way of helping to maintain a fly-free house!). She currently resides with another dog but any canines in an adoptive home will need to be calm and respectful, be of a similar size to Bandia (ideally smaller) and will need to be introduced slowly and gently so Bandia can get to know them in a positive way.

Bandia, like all our dogs, has a non-negotiable ‘must have’ list for her forever home. If you don’t fit the following criteria then this girl isn't the one for you.

  • No tiny little people. Respectful, calm and quiet older children would be fine (we aren't sure there is such a thing either, but just in case!!). Moody teenagers who are happy to have a desert princess hang out in their 'cave' as they hide away from their family and the rest of the world are also fine.
  • Dog savvy cats are fine (ie: cats who aren’t going to torment or tease and can move themselves out of the way if needed). No poultry/birds or pocket pets. Bandia may be blind but she is very clever and spent a long time prior to coming into care learning how to fend for herself.
  • Bandia must have a canine companion. Smaller calm and respectful dogs only. No bouncy boofheads. No “Sir Hump-a-lots”. No crazy squirrel dogs. Just calm, respectful and small. An older, laid back small dog who is happy to engage with Bandia occasionally or one that is just happy to share his/her space and accept that someone else might get some attention and treats too would be ideal.
  • She MUST sleep inside. No if’s, but’s or maybe’s. At present, she has full inside/outside access in her foster home and is very respectful of her home environment.
  • Her people must be dedicated to scratching her itchies, snuggling her, walking her, continuing to build her confidence and continuing to build her social skills.
  • Her people must not feel sorry for her or coddle her. Bandia's carer has worked exceptionally hard to build her confidence. Coddling her or feeling sorry for her just because she can't see will set her back and quite frankly would offend her which would be a huge injustice. Yes, she’s blind but that just means she’s differently-abled. Bandia has developed her own ways of experiencing all the world has to offer and seriously, if a blind dog can still snatch flies out of the air then why on earth would you feel sorry for such an amazing dog??
  • Her people must be patient. Bandia will require a number of meet and greets and will take longer than your average dog to settle in to her new home. Her new family must also embrace her cheeky, fun loving side.
  • Her new family must reside in Victoria.
  • Lastly, her people must promise to not take Bandia to off leash dog parks. EVER. She is not that kind of girl.

    If you think the beautiful Bandia may be the gal for you and you meet ALL her criteria then please click the button below and contact us.

Bandia is currently located in Melbourne, VIC

Medical notes

Bandia is blind

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