Townsville Floods

The Clean Up Begins

Those of us located all around Australia watched on in shock at the flooding that ravaged Townsville in a horror start to 2019. Around lunchtime on 30 January the first warning was received about emergency flash flooding. What continued from there was absolutely unprecedented, with the flooding being deemed on par with a one-in-1000 year event. The flooding has claimed lives, destroyed homes and also had a significant impact on our rescue.

Many of you may not know that our rescue was founded in Townsville and that around half of our team of volunteers and foster carers are located in Townsville. The flooding has been utterly devastating for our team. Many carers and volunteers were evacuated - people, resident pets as well as foster animals were displaced. Most of our team members’ homes sustained damage and now the monumental clean up is underway, we are counting the cost to our little rescue family.

Townsville is our HQ and as such, we had much of our donated food, training equipment, fundraising items and promotional items in storage there. Two thirds of it was destroyed, our office was washed out and items like toys, bedding and kennels were also destroyed.

We currently have 30 dogs and cats in care Australia-wide and of those, 14 are fostered in Townsville and have not escaped unscathed. A number of dogs and puppies have required vet treatment for illnesses and injuries as a direct result of the flooding. Our amazing Townsville team have rallied together to help each other, but have also been assisting others in the community in need with dog food and other items. We are equally proud of and heartbroken for our Townsville team.


Our Founders resident and foster dogs in care trying to stay dry.

Whilst those of us in other parts of the country are doing all we can to keep the rescue running, and our Townsville team are trying to clean up, we are in desperate need of your help. Our funds are depleted. We desperately need donations to allow us to continue to help our animals in care. We know that the special needs animals that we save always come with unexpected extra costs, but our rescue, like Townsville itself, simply wasn’t prepared for such a huge financial hit. We need to replace so much, but we also need to be able to pay vet bills, transport bills and all the other costs associated with having over two dozen animals in care.

We could use some help in replacing what has been lost and rebuilding our finances. If you are in a position help with a donation large or small we would be very grateful. Donation of goods can be directed to

Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is a registered charity and a deductible gift recipient. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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