Hear No Evil's 2018 Wrap Up.

Hear No Evil - Australian Deaf Dog Rescue IS and always will be a tiny rescue. We have no ambitions of being huge, we just want to continue educate people and help find the homes that best match each individual dog that we bring into care..

Our ‘save’ count will never be as high as a mainstream rescue's, nor will we ever have the resources that the bigger well known rescue's will, but despite the challenges we will continue doing big things for deaf dogs (and Honorary Canines) around the country as best we can.

  • Carried over from 2018 = 18
  • Came into care in 2018 = 41
  • Successful adoptions = 29
  • Currently in care = 25
  • Gone but not forgotten = 5. (Two due to medical/health reasons and three due to mentally compromised/behavioural issues)
  • Assisted Rehomes = 4. This is where we connect private rehomings with private adopers away from the rescue.
  • Missed without rescue = 5. The ones we knew about, but could not save or network into other rescues due to lack of funds, resources or carers.
  • Currently on our incoming list = 18. That is dogs coming from pounds, rescue transfers, private surrenders waiting for an available foster home.  Unfortunately, we have had to start turning dogs away.

Thank you to ALL our followers, adopters, volunteers, foster carers, supporting businesses and financial contributors for your continued support in 2018 - HNE could not have done it without you!

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