Subsidised Desexing Available

As we’ve previously shared, in late 2018, Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue’s Victorian team successfully applied for and received a $10,000 grant from the Victorian State Government to subsidise the costs of desexing up to 20 dogs carrying the merle gene (both merle and double merle dogs) throughout Victoria.

Puppies from litters where both parents carry the merle gene have a 25% chance of ending up with two copies of the merle gene (double merles) and having one or more sensory issues. The team at Keller's Cause, a non-profit organisation in the USA that has the goal of raising awareness about merle to merle breeding and promoting the adoption of special needs dogs has produced this video on double merles.

Many of the dogs that come into care with HNE are double merles that are deaf, blind, deaf/visually impaired or deaf/blind. Many of the dogs with vision impairment or blindness end up needing to have one or both eyes removed.

Whilst we work hard to ensure double merle dogs can lead happy and normal lives, there is also a much greater chance of these dogs presenting with a range of neurological issues that can significantly impact their quality of life.

The funds from the grant are not specific to HNE dogs – anyone with an undesexed merle or double merle dog in Victoria that is at risk of producing a double merle litter can apply.

Funds are still available through this grant to desex more merle and double merle dogs.

For more information about the subsidised desexing program and to find out if your dog is a potential candidate complete the form below and one of our Victorian Team members will contact you.

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