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Ollie kitten for adoption

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Super affectionate

Honorary Canine

Meet Ollie!

This little cutie is Ollie, our boy with the striking markings, smudges over his face, grey goatee and a solid grey tail.

Ollie is around 16 weeks old and came into care with his brothers Hagrid, Theodore and Giuseppe.

During his time in care it’s become very clear that Ollie is one very quirky and quite confused feline… We’re pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog and we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we ever heard him bark!

Ollie is a lovely little boy. If you start scratching anywhere on his body he will roll over exposing his belly like a dog. Once he’s feeling comfortable in a new place and with the people in that place, he is super-affectionate and very friendly. Like his siblings, he does prefer to keep four paws on the ground. Whilst scooping him up off the ground won’t win you a new friend, sitting back on the lounge and letting him climb into your lap will mean you’ll have a committed Netflix buddy for life.

Any toys on a string will lure Ollie from wherever he’s decided to have a snooze and if there is a box to explore then you can be sure that he’ll be the first one in it. Like most of us, Ollie hates cleaning. Unlike those of us who like to pretend we don’t even know what a broom is, Ollie will determinedly chase a broom around when you’re trying to sweep…

Ollie mingles well with other cats and kittens. He is curious of the dogs, but keeps a safe distance. Ollie groups kids and dogs into the same “only from a distance” rule… In his new home he’d prefer no kids or those that are only a year or two away from learning to drive.

Slow, calm intros are important for our little Ollie, as is an indoor only home (or one with a secure outdoor cat enclosure).

He is located in Melbourne and whilst we’d prefer he found his forever home in the wider Melbourne area, he is available for interstate adoption (with transport costs payable by his adopter).

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