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Giuseppe cat for adoption

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Giuseppe cat for adoption

Handome Love Bug

Honourary Canine

Meet Giuseppe!

Giuseppe is a gentle and easy-going little fellow. As you can see, he has quite unique markings that resemble a little goatee and half a moustache. As such, even though he’s only around 4 months old, he has become known as our little Pappa Giuseppe.

He is the perfect blend of affectionate but also independent. He likes to smooch up against your legs while you’re doing your thing but will happily entertain himself while you’re at work.
He loves his food and will come running to the sound of a can or bag being opened.
He loves sunny days and can always be found having a snooze on the warmest place.

Giuseppe is happy to play with the other kittens in his foster home and doesn’t mind sharing his space with the adult cats there too. We know he would absolutely thrive in a home that already has a confident and friendly adult cat or two as they will help to further build his confidence.

Our little guy is curious of dogs, but still finds them big and scary. He would do best in a home that either doesn’t have dogs or has the ability to ensure that Giuseppe doesn’t have to have much/any interaction with any canine residents.

Calm and slow introductions are a must for Giuseppe. An igloo-style bed works well for him as it acts as a safe place. It helps him feel comfortable and secure and gives him the opportunity to safely assess new people from the comfort of a space that will let him manage interactions at his own pace. He isn’t a fan of noisy, busy environments and would prefer a home without children or where any children are over 5.

Giuseppe likes sitting up high in his cat tree and watching the world go by. He likes feather toys but is still trying to figure out what to do with toys that roll around or bounce.

Giuseppe is fully litter-trained and comfortable with using any kind of litter. As a thanks for cleaning his litter tray, he’ll pay you in purrs and brushes against your legs.

Our lovely Pappa Giuseppe is vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and parasite treated. He is located in Melbourne, VIC.

*Interstate adoptions are welcome* (transport costs payable by his adopters).

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