Hear No Evil is Turning 5!

5th Birthday Giveaway

Pups Ready For A Pawty

Hear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is celebrating their fifth birthday.

The rescue, the first to specialise in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehome deaf dogs started off as a one dog in one dog out project but quickly spread Australian wide. Now, 5 years later, this volunteer run rescue has saved over 140 deaf, blind or deaf/blind dogs and helped them find loving forever homes.

Deaf and special needs dogs were often overlooked due to the misconception that they are more aggressive and harder to train which resulted in a higher than average euthanasia rate. But thanks to the dedicated volunteers’ word is slowing spreading that deaf and special needs dogs are just as good (if not better) than any other dogs.

Deaf dogs have so much going for them. They don't get scared by thunder or fireworks, they bond more deeply to their human, they don't get as distracted by noise or other barking dogs and while they are asleep you can grab your chip packet and eat them ALL in peace.

Rescue never stops, there is always another dog to save, funds to raise, homes to find, training and vetting and everything in between. But when you hit a milestone like turning 5 it's important to take a breath and celebrate all that has been achieved. To remember the deaf dogs and cats that have come the rescue on their way to finding their forever home.

It's our birthday but you get the presents.

The celebration is not just for those inside the rescue, it's also for all those who have been so supportive of our mission. So, it may be Hear No Evil's birthday, but you get the presents. Thanks to some generous donors who have provided over $1800 worth of prizes we have been able to launch our 5th Birthday Giveaway Competition. Entry is FREE and the competition runs until 24th October 2019 with lots of bonus chances to win a prize.

We hope that with all the awareness the competition creates that at the end some of the wonderful dogs like Jasper and York get the best present of all....a forever home.

So what are you waiting for, come join the fun, spread the word and help Hear No Evil celebrate 5 awesome years in rescue.

5th Birthday Giveaway competiton

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