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Here at Hear No Evil we don't just rescue and rehome deaf dogs, a large part of what we do is around informing and educating the wider community about deaf dogs. This can cover a wide variety of information from:

  • How to tell if a dog is deaf
  • Training and behaviour issues
  • The benefits of a deaf dog and
  • The causes of deafness in dogs.

The causes of deafness in dogs, particularly that caused by bad breeding is one of the more serious topics that our volunteers and coordinators are trying to increase awareness around.  Joanne Heyman is one of those within Hear No Evil that has been particularly active in this area since applying and receiving a grant from the VIC Government for a desexing program for dogs that care merle and double merle genes.

So we always welcome and thank those who help us spread the word about our Rescue's mission and today that is Life Wise Pet Nutrition. Life Wise have written and shared a wonderful article about Joanne's mission to educate people on merle to merle breeding and the implications it has on dogs. It's well worth the read! 

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