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20 Questions to Ask Before You Foster a Deaf Dog

20 Questions to Ask Before You Foster a Dog

Fostering pets can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, knowing that just by opening your heart and home to a dog in need you can be saving a life. Rescue shelters and pounds can be a scary and overwhelming place and for some can cause them to shut down emotionally or display destructive behaviours due to stress. This makes them less likely to interact with potential adopters as they tend to isolate themselves. This tends to be the case with deaf dogs so getting them into a safe and caring home foster home is essential. By giving them a chance to live in a safe and caring home environment where they can be themselves and fully display their personality, work to overcome fears, recover from trauma actually helps improve their chances of find a forever home.

20 Questions to Ask Before You Foster a Deaf Dog

Most rescues would like the foster experience to be a postive one for the foster parent and the rescue group (and most importantly for the dog), so it’s crucial that all parties communicate and be clear about their expectations and responsibilities.

Here are some questions to ask the rescue group before signing up to foster a puppy or dog. Most rescue groups will likely have you fill out a foster carer application as well). Don’t be alarmed if the group doesn’t have answers to all the questions you ask. Each group is different and has it's own procedures.

Questions to ask about the dog:

  1. How did he come to be with be with the rescue group and how long has he been them?
  2. Was he born deaf or is it due to some other issue?
  3. Does he have any other medical concerns or need medication?
  4. Has he been desexed? If not, when will that happen?
  5. Are it's vaccinations up to date and has he been tested for diseases such as heartworm?
  6. Should I keep him separated from my other pets when I first bring him home?
  7. Are there any behavioral issues or concerns you should be aware of? How are they dealt with?
  8. Do you know how he is with kids, cats, dogs and/or strangers? Can my children or pets meet him before I commit to fostering him?
  9. Do you know how he does when left alone? Is he crate trained, housetrained? 
  10. Does he know any hand signals?

Questions to ask about the foster process:

  1. How long will I be expected to foster this dog? If it’s until a suitable home is found, how long do you expect that to take?
  2. What if circumstances change and I can no longer take care of the dog?
  3. Who pays for medical bills if they arise? Does that include treatments for my pets if they catch something from or are injured by my foster dog?
  4. What training will I receive? Will the dog receive professional training?
  5. Who is responsible for communicating with potential adopters, screening them and introducing the dog to them?
  6. What will I be required to do to help have him dog adopted?
  7. Will I be required to pay for all supplies such as food, leads, medication or will the rescue supply everything?
  8. What if I have a problem, who do I contact. If I leave a message how quickly does someone respond?
  9. Could my foster dog be deemed unadoptable and, if so, what happens then?
  10. Can I adopt my foster dog if I choose?

Even the best-prepared foster parent should expect the unexpected.  But it’s fostering so worth it. You can never be sure what their life was like before or what scars they carry but nothing beats seeing your foster dog go fearful, frightened dog to a happy, confident one who is ready to go to their forever home.  

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