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Bundle of Love

Female Domestic Short Hair Cat

Meet Maisy!

We’ll address the elephant in the room first, and then we’ll move onto properly introducing our gorgeous Miss Maisy. What you are seeing is correct, Maisy has no eyes. After coming into care with a range of ophthalmological issues that we tried to address through other means, including less drastic surgery, we eventually had to make the decision to have Maisy’s eyes removed for her own long-term comfort and well-being. If you’re happy to read on, then you’ll quickly discover that being blind is no impediment to Maisy’s enjoyment of life. If after reading on, you choose to apply to adopt Maisy we’ll of course share all the specifics of her ophthalmological history with you.

But for now, please meet Maisy….

Miss Maisy is a petite little princess, but what she lacks in size she absolutely makes up for in personality. She loves attention and isn’t afraid to let you know she wants it. She’s big on cuddles and will wrap her paws around you when you pick her up. Maisy has zero concept of personal space and is always keen to climb into an available lap or wrap herself around available shoulders like a fluffy, purring scarf.

Maisy will happily follow you around as you go about your day or she’ll find a comfy spot to snooze in if she isn’t interested in whatever you happen to be doing. Whilst she loves to spend time with her humans, she’s equally as happy to entertain herself with some toys or clambering all over a cat tree while you’re at work. She is also a very keen explorer and you will often find yourself asking “How did she get up there?” and “How will she get down?” In typical feline style, Maisy couldn’t care less about either of those questions (or any other questions you might have if they don’t eventually lead to cuddles or playtime!). Maisy has no fear and doesn’t let being blind impact her enjoyment of life in any way. She knows she’ll eventually hit the bottom when she jumps off her tall cat tree – each time seeming to revel in the fright this kind of fabulously reckless behaviour gives her foster mum! Despite having all the standard feline traits, we are all beginning to question if Maisy is part sugar glider…

Maisy navigates her world brilliantly using the senses she has. She can often be found zooming down the hallway or running up and downstairs with ease. Whilst it may take a short period for her to map out her forever home, we have no concerns about Maisy adjusting to a new space. Her ability to use her other senses is especially evident when she’s playing – she loves toys that she can catch and anything with feathers is a guaranteed winner! Her favourite toy is a felted ball that she likes to throw around and will often carry it in her mouth - you never know when you might feel like a game of catch!

She travels wonderfully in her crate but especially loves going for a walk in her cat pram. Maisy has a big fan club at her local PetStock store and PetStock vet clinic. Unsurprisingly she has a knack for attracting an audience wherever she goes and she loves all the cuddles she gets when she heads in to visit her favourite people at PetStock.

Maisy is happy to live with kids, but would prefer them to be 10 or older. She would be fine in a home with a respectful, cat-savvy dog. She isn’t a fan of young boisterous kittens or pushy adult cats. She would happily share her home with an older cat who respects her space and in turn, she’ll respect theirs.

Maisy is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed. She is litter-trained with various types of litter and trays. She’s not fussy about her food, however it is our preference that she receives a premium quality diet to ensure she contains to grow and maintain a health weight.

Maisy MUST be an indoor-only cat. A home with a fully secure cat enclosure would be ideal to give her the opportunity to soak up some interesting outside smells.

Maisy is currently located in Melbourne, VIC

Medical notes

Maisy has had both eyes removed and is blind

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