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Bowie the deaf boxer pup

Deaf Dogs After Adoption

When a deaf dog comes into care with Hear No Evil they become part of our family forever. Some adoptive families like to provide us with regular updates on the progress of their newest member of the family whilst others we may not hear from again. And that's fine too but each dog that passes through will alway hold a very special place in the our hearts. 

One of those was a special little guy called Bowie. He came into care with Hear No Evil at just 9 weeks old along with his brother Prince. Even at a young age Bowie showed that he had personality plus and was quick to win the hearts of his carers. It wasn't going to take him long to find his forever family.

Bowies' adoptive family still provides us with regular updates on his progress and we wanted to share the latest update with you to show what awesome pets deaf dogs make. 

A Letter From A Dog Mum

I found out that we were getting Ziggy on Mothers Day 2017 - he was known as Bowie and was 4 months old. We had only just lost our red boxer Odie the month before and there was a huge gaping hole in our hearts and arms. Our other boxer Azumah (who was 3 years old) was so sad and I felt another boxer friend would help.

Former Hear No Evil Dog Ziggy

Ziggy was in Townsville and we organised to Jetpet him down to Newcastle. He was a live wire from the moment we picked him up from the airport. He came and met my students that night who are deaf and I thought he was amazing. We have had him for 2 years and 8 months and he has made us better people with his goofy antics and the love, licks and slobber he showers on you.

Ziggy was our first deaf dog but I am deaf and I teach deaf children so I figured it would be okay. I would have liked to have met another owner of a deaf dog and been able to ask lots of questions to ease my concerns and to know we were doing the right thing. My husband Shaun treats him the same as Azumah and Ziggy just adores Shaun and is his constant shadow.

At first, Ziggy was scared and confused. He had left Kat in Townsville in the morning and was with strangers that night. He fell asleep in a ball from sheer exhaustion and woke at 3 am howling. I picked him up (he was in a pen in our bedroom) and went to the lounge room. I laid him on my chest and he promptly fell asleep. Since that day he sleeps between my husband and I with his paw or head on one of us. He sometimes panics if he wakes from a nap and he can’t see us but happily plays with our other boxer Azumah. We live on half an acre with horses out the back and some new sheep next door.

Ziggy loves to play and he is either madly running around or he is asleep on the lounge. He loves looking in the mirror at his reflection and stands on our bed to see himself. He doesn’t like not having his collar on after a bath and will follow you until you put it back on. He is so clever - he worked out very early the layout of our house and yard and the shortest route between two points. He has an amazing sixth sense and will meet you at the door when you come home. He knows when it is 6pm and it is time for dinner.

Boxer Dog looking in mirror

Still looking good after all these years!

One funny story is that Ziggy was constantly digging up the grass and we couldn’t work out why. However one Sunday afternoon we were in the yard and the shadow of the tree from next door was on the ground. Ziggy started to dig and we realised he was trying to find the birds that were jumping along the branch of the tree and he could see their shadows on the ground. From that day forth he has been our shadow boxer.

Zig’s left eye is brown and his right eye is half brown (the top half) and half blue (the bottom half). I field more questions about that than anything else.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us adopt Ziggy, he fits in our crazy world perfectly. Azumah and Ziggy are like Ying and Yang - one is brown with a bit of white and the other is white with a bit of brown.

Forever grateful, Leanne and Shaun

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