Virtual Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wishlist

Share The Holiday Spirit With Our Rescue Animals

Help us make this Christmas special for our deaf and special needs dogs in care by donating to put a present under our virtual tree. Our volunteers are ready and waiting to purchase your item for your selected dog or cat in care. Big or small every donation made will make a big difference to the lives of these special animals.

How does it work?

Choose a dog or cat from below and hit the donate button and choose the amount you wish to donate. It's that simple.

Here are a few suggestions as to what your generous donation could purchase.

$5 provides some holiday fun to a rescued animal with the gift of a small toy.

$10 will help keep a dog cool in summer with a cooling mat or a wading pool. 

$20 will provide a lead or collar that identifies the dog/cat as deaf or vision impaired.

$30 will keep a dog entertained for hours with a durable, food dispensing Kong.

$50 will help purchase 3 months of heartworm protection.

$75 will purchase a doggy crate for either transporting and/or giving a safe place for those nervous nellies.

$100 would help to cover food costs for our hungry dogs and cats in care.

$250 would help cover costs of desexing to help prevent further unwanted litters. It would also help cover the cost to vacinate, worm and microchip pups coming into care.

Donations can be made by clicking the donate buttons below or via direct deposit to the Hear No Evil account BSB: 084-766 Acc: 74215804.

Hi I'm Murphy,

I've been in care for a while now and my foster mum is taking really good care of me. She is teaching me how to walk on a leash so I can go the park with her. I can't wait for that to happen but in the mean time I would love a new toy to play with. 

Hi I'm Fluffy,

I am a sanctuary dog which means that I will always be in the care of Hear No Evil. I've got some heart issues you see, so I need constant medication.  I'd rather give up getting a toy if some of the medication cost could be covered.

Hi I'm Alaska,

My eyes don't work and as soon as I am big enough I will be having them removed. My foster mum has lots of fundraising to do before that happens so if you could help that would be great. My life will be so much better once the surgery is done.

Hi I'm York

I constantly change my mind about the sort of forever family I need, but I do know what I want for Christmas! I want a new throw toy that I can chase after and not give back to my foster mum.

Hi I'm Sunny,

I'm new to Hear No Evil so there are lots of things that I need. I'm just a pup so my foster family better have some chew toys under the tree to keep me entertained otherwise I'm going straight for their shoes! 

Hi I'm Andromeda, 

I'm so glad Hear No Evil rescued me but I'm not so glad about having to go through heart worm treatment. It's not much fun for me!  I need something that is going keep me occupied so I'm hoping that there will be a Kong under the Christmas tree for me.

Hi I'm Oscar,

I'm a little older than all of these young pups so there isn't much I really want other than good food, good company and new bow tie.

Hi I'm Lee,

I'm new to Hear No Evil too. I want toys!  That's it... just toys...well may be a wade pool too, some treats, a nice new collar with a tag that say "I'm Lee - I'm cute and deaf" and since your asking some good quality puppy food. Yeah... I think that's it!

Hi Crank, 

I'm not deaf but visually impaired. I'm going on a trip soon to my new carer when funds are available to book a trip. Could you help with that?

Hi I'm Dusty,

I'm new to Hear No Evil, just like Lee and Sunny. I will be needing lots of things for when I start training, like a collar, lead and some treats. Those things would make an awesome Christmas present. I'll look forward to ripping my present open Christmas morning.

Hi Slick, 

I'm Crank's brother and I have some vision issues too. There's talk that I'll be desexed very soon. I know it needs to be done but I'm hoping you won't donate for that LOL!!

Instead, I would love a new collar or lead so I can go out walking and go to the beach with my foster family. I love walks!!

Hi I'm Peach

I'm a sanctuary dog too!  I've just had my bad eye removed so I'm feeling a little down and could use some cheering up.  A new toy or box of treats would help with that.

Hi I'm Nyx

They say I'm a bit of a character. I love to hide in long grass or slip behind the sofa for a nap.

I'm due for eye surgery soon and that won't be fun... or cheap. If you could help out I'll send you a big HIGH 5 or if that's asking too much I'd love a new chew toy.

Hi I'm Maggie

When Hear No Evil saved me I was really underweight, just skin and bones! But my foster mum is nursing me back to health but I'm still a little underweight.

If it's not too much to ask I'd like some good quality food  to help get me strong and healthy. My foster mum says that 'Big Dog Barf' patties for cats is the best.

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