Tips for the Mouthy or Bitey Puppy

Mouthy puppy

Why is your puppy biting?

First, establish why your puppy is biting. Is it play? Does he not like what you are doing? Is it a tantrum? It’s important to recognise what the biting is for so the issue can be addressed accordingly.

The Playful Puppy

Never allow puppy to playfully bite or mouth your hands or any part of your body. Instead:

  • Use a toy to redirect the mouthing
  • Bring arms and hands close to your body and turn away (avoidance) until puppy stops. Continue to do this until puppy works out he will only get attention when not biting.
  • If puppy continues to mouth/bite give a time out. A couple of minutes in a quiet spot to calm down.
  • When you notice this behaviour starting is the best time to stop it. As soon as pup starts mouthing/biting is when you should redirect, if the pup still goes for hands or feet stop what you are doing and look away from pup. Be very still until the pup stops. If behaviour escalates pick up and place in time out or safe place until calm

Fearful or Anxious Puppy

This could be that you are t Plrying to do something new and the pup is unsure. Over-restraining your puppy to do new things such as clipping nails or checking ears for example may cause puppy to become anxious of fearful.

  •  When restraining a puppy try the less is more approach. If you practice touching, checking and lifting paws, ears, tail and looking in mouth, touching teeth and tongue when pup is calm and needs nothing done you will find this will desensitise the pup to touch when required for vet visits and health checks thus requiring only light restraint.
  • If pup becomes anxious when being touched or playfully excited you can shorten touch sessions and slowly increase as the pup becomes more tolerant.


Puppies like babies become over-tired when they don’t get enough downtime and can become bitey. Make sure pup gets enough rest in between play and training sessions. If pup becomes bitey for no apparent reason place in a quiet area for some alone time with some toys to chew.

Please if anyone has any questions or has a specific issue please feel free to put it in comments. Somebody may also be having the same problem 🐶🐾💚

Article by: Mandy Briscoe K9 Play & Train Gold Coast Phone: 0439 688774

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