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Confident & Clever

Medium Australian Shepherd

Diaz is ready for her next mission to find her forever home! At just 11 weeks Diaz is the first of our Aussie Shepherd duo to be available for adoption. Diaz is partially deaf and partially blind but that does not stop her from making the most out of life.

She has come along in leaps and bounds whilst in foster care and has proven herself to be one smart cookie. She loves a good training session and has learned to sit, wait/stay, come and down using hand signals. She has also learned a few tricks including shake and roll-over.

Diaz is toilet-trained but just remember accidents can still happen, she is still just a pup after all. She is crate trained, sleeping through the night with no fuss, and is happy to entertain herself when alone.

Diaz loves everything and everyone! She would love her new home to have a patient and friendly dog to play with, share her toys and snuggle up in the same bed. She is super friendly towards her carers resident work cat even spending time playing and wrestling when he is in the mood and when he is not, she lets him be. Diaz loves kids but can still get overexcited and forget her manners, so as with all dogs, continued training and supervision are required.

She is a typical puppy, a real busy body, mischievous in the best way, full of character and life! She will follow you around, always intrigued by the next thing, but will just as happily sit and be the observer for everything.

The lucky family who adopts Diaz will get to enjoy all the puppy fun with most of the hard work done but being a high energy intelligent dog Diaz requires a family who will continue with her training and enriching her life mentally with puzzle mats/mazes/kongs or tasty chew toys. And in return, you will have a fantastic lifelong companion!

Medical notes

Diaz is partially deaf and partially blind.




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At 6 months

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Nikhil Patil says April 27, 2021

What is the price I live in Melbourne

    hearnoevil says April 28, 2021

    The adoption fee for Diaz is $380 plus any transport cost from Warrnambool to Melbourne. We can not provide you a cost for this unless your application is shortlisted.

Alison Brewer says April 28, 2021

We tick all your boxes. Very interested.

Chantelle Taylor says April 28, 2021

I would love to know more about Diaz and how the adoption process works please

Dianne says April 29, 2021

Would love to adopt Diaz, have a 2 year old miniature Australian bulldog & a 15 year old Daschund
I am 55 years of age- owned dogs & cats all my life – all different breeds
My husband & I also have 2 cats

Michelle says April 29, 2021

Hi I am interested in adopting Diaz but before filling out form wanted to check it would not be too intimidating for her to be with more than one other dog I have a few including a border collie
All friendly
Woth other dogs plenty of yard on our 18 acres hobby farm she would be spoilt rotten

zonia quintanilla says April 29, 2021

i like adoption this little dog, i desability pension

Stephanie Janssen says April 30, 2021

Hi, is this beautiful girl still available? I live in melb but would come for a drive to meet her

Gaye de Silva says April 30, 2021

I was wondering if you have made a decision about me adopting Diaz yet. I’m really keen to adopt this beautiful girl, and I’m on tenterhooks since I sent in my application.

    hearnoevil says May 1, 2021

    No we haven’t. the process can take up to 7 days once the applications are closed.

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