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Miss Mouse may be a young pup who had a rough start to life, but during her time in foster care she has consistently shown just how much a deaf and visually impaired puppy can thrive in the right placement.

The shelter that Miss Mouse found herself at earlier in the year estimated she was born in late November 2020, however we suspect she is at least a month younger than that as she only began losing her puppy teeth in late April.

Despite being such a young pup, Mouse has mastered sit and stay in touch commands, is crate trained, toilet trained and is working on her leash training. She is a very outgoing, social pup who loves visiting new places and meeting new people. Miss Mouse is also always up for a romp with a suitably sized canine pal who has the energy levels needed to keep up with a bouncy puppy. She also loves a good snuggle with her people and would love to be included as a couch-buddy for any TV binge-watching her adoptive family might enjoy. Given she’s deaf and visually impaired, she’s also not going to judge you if your preferred viewing is MAFS (although we might!!).

Miss Mouse is a Catahoula x. Whilst she won’t be a giant when she’s fully grown, she’s likely to reach around 30kgs.

As noted above, Miss Mouse is deaf and visually impaired (VI) – she can’t hear and she has no functional vision, although she can tell the difference between light and dark. This means that all her training is done using touch commands. There is no expectation that Miss Mouse’s adoptive family will have any experience with deaf/VI dogs, just a willingness to learn about a different way of communicating with her – something the HNE team is always happy to assist with – and a willingness to continue her training.

Miss Mouse is already a confident dog, but her new family will need to commit to maintaining her confidence and allow her lots of opportunities to experience new places and things. Miss Mouse would make an ideal candidate for Noseworks or other scent-work training so she can put her fabulous pink nose to great use.

As she’s still a bouncy pup, Miss Mouse is best suited to a home without young children – 15+ would be ideal. She would also do best in a home with another dog of similar size and energy levels. A home with cats, pocket-pets and/or birds will be considered, but suitability will depend on individual circumstances. And of course, Miss Mouse must have a home that accepts that she is still a puppy and will sometimes get up to standard puppy mischief.

Miss Mouse is currently located in the Geelong region of Victoria. She is available for adoption anywhere in Australia (transport costs payable by her adopter), however our preference would be for a home in her local area so that Miss Mouse can have a few meet and greets with any potential future canine companions to make sure they are well-matched. A local adoption will also allow Miss Mouse’s foster carer, who is also a qualified dog trainer, to provide any direct assistance if required.

* Interstate adoptions are welcome *

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Mouse is deaf and visually impaired.




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