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Cuddly People Pleaser

Medium Cattle Dog X

Byron is a gentle and sweet natured boy who is learning that the world is not such a scary place. Byron is four years of age, partially deaf and ready to follow you wherever you go. 

Byron has really come out of his shell in foster care and is showing an endearing playfulness and sense of adventure. Byron had not had much experience out and about in the big wide world and can be scared of new things. He is building confidence rapidly in foster care though, through socialisation with new people, dogs and environments, as well as through training. 

Byron loves to please his human, is food motivated and therefore very easy to train. In care he has learned to sit, drop down, come, and wait using hand signals. He also understands when he’s in the way and his foster carer wants him move over on the couch! 

Byron is toilet trained and knocks on the door when he wants to go outside. He has also learned to walk very gently on a lead and is enjoying his walks now rather than being overwhelmed by all of the colour and movement. 

Byron is a bit tense when meeting new dogs and unsure what to expect from them. He is currently living with a female bully breed dog in foster care. While the two live side by side without issue, Byron actively avoids his foster sister and doesn’t initiate play or seek her companionship. He may do better as an only dog, or with a soft-natured female working dog type who has a similar play style to his. 

Byron’s forever family will need to let him take life at his own pace as he gradually builds up confidence. Byron is not a “dog park” sort of dog, but will need continued socialisation with other friendly dogs to build his confidence. For your investment in Byron’s further education, you will have a loyal friend who thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread and a whole lot of fun. 

Byron could easily have been named “shadow” as he loyally follows his foster carer around like a shadow and tries to grab pats and attention whenever possible. He is just the sweetest dog and likes to sit by his foster carer on the couch, or nearby when she’s gardening. If you have a quiet home to offer Byron and the time and patience to continue his training, please get in touch today. 

Byron is located in Canberra ACT.

* Interstate adoptions are welcome with transport costs payable by adopter.*

Medical notes

Byron is deaf.




16 March 2017



Micro chipped






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In progress



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12+ years



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Liz says August 13, 2021

Hi there! Do you think Byron would be okay living in an apartment, or is having a backyard a pre-requisite for him? Thank you.

    hearnoevil says September 2, 2021

    Byron would prefer a bit of a backyard.

Steve Wood says August 29, 2021

Hi There,
I am just wondering if a decision has been made re a permanent home for Byron?
Kind regards,
Steve Wood

Kayley says September 19, 2021

Is Byron still available for adoption? 🤞🏻

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