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She's A Gem!

Medium Border Collie

Stunning good looks, a beautifully cheeky personality, and brains to boot.  In the right environment Pearl is an absolute gem! 

Pearl is a deaf and blind border collie. At 14 months old and she has only been in care for 3 months and considering how her life started out she is doing amazingly well. If you haven’t been following Pearl story then here is a bit of a recap.

Pearl had spent her first 11 months of life in a breeder’s concrete kennel before coming into care. She had never walked on a lead, let alone worn a collar. Her paws had never touched grass and she was terrified of it that she had to be carried out of the shelter to the car. Everything was new and scary for her.

Within hours of coming into foster care Pearl began displaying some significant signs of canine compulsive disorder (CCD). Her brain simply couldn’t cope with the change and the increased level of stimulation in her new world. She would spin in continuously in circles and she needed to be redirected but we knew that in the right environment with the right carer and with a combination medication we could get her CCD under control and living a relatively normal life.

In spite of her rough start to life Pearl has always been very forgiving of humans. She has the sweetest loving nature and she has taken everything in her stride. She has taken to living in living inside and taking advantage of all the creature comforts it has to offer, she loves her routine and her regular training sessions and her spinning  episodes has decreased considerably. It just goes to show just how adaptable these dogs can be if given the chance.

Pearl is now ready for adoption and although we are well aware it will probably take quite some time to find her the right home, we are confident there is a home out there for her.

To give you a general outline of Pearls perfect home:

  • No Dogs or one with a really calm, chilled dog would be ok.  One who isn’t in her face and is happy doing its own thing rather than a dog who is needing a playmate.  
  • Dog-Savvy Cat that will give Pearl her space and not pester her/try to interact with her would be ok. 
  • NO young kids. A home with teenagers or no kids is best.
  • A home where her person/people are at home more often than not. 
  • NO excessive exercise. A daily walk, a car adventure, the odd visit to a dog-friendly café are all good, but huge amounts of physical exercise will also over-stimulate her.
  • A family prepared to maintain Pearls touch training.
  • A family prepared to continue Pearls medication during the early stages of his transition into a new home.

In short, Pearl needs a low-key life with a family where things are quite, calm and rarely change.

Pearl is fully crate trained, toilet trained and knows how to use a dog door. She walks beautifully on leash and knows all her basics touch commands.  She can sit, stay, come, drop, yes, no, step up, step down and Ok to eat (that’s her favourite).

She will happily spend her days in a securely fenced yard with access indoors via a doggie door. She enjoys her walks and car rides and will happily sit outside a café with you. She’s extremely affectionate with the sweetest and best personality. She just loves every person she meets lapping up the pats and cuddles.

Pearl loves the occasional game of tug but her favourite game is fetch. She will find her ball and bring it back to you no matter where it is or how long it takes to find.

If you are looking for a real jewel of a dog, beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate to be your to be your one-and-only, then Pearl could just be the dog of your dreams.

To see how Pearl has progressed since coming into care visit her blog Click here

Pearl is located in Melbourne.

Interstate adoption is not available.

Medical notes

Pearl is deaf & blind


Border Collie


14 Months



Micro chipped






Basic training




Energy level


Good with:




12+ years


Dog Savvy

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Rachel says September 5, 2021

pearl is such a beautiful dog! I love seeing all the videos from her foster carer. It is so heart warming to see her happy.

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