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Super Smart & Full of Energy

Medium Cattle Dog

Meet Navy

If you’re looking for a great young dog to join your family, then you really can’t go past good looking boy Navy. Navy is a 5-month-old cattle dog pup who is thriving in foster care. 

Navy hasn't been in care very long but during that time his foster family has been working to get him into a regular routine and getting him up to speed with his basics training. All we can say is that he is SUPER SMART.

His basic commands are coming along nicely. He knows his signed commands for ‘sit’, 'stay', and ‘come'. He is learning to wait for his food (which he LOOOVES) and respecting boundaries aswell as getting into a regular daily routine. He loves to learn so his potential for ongoing training is huge. If you’re prepared to teach it to him, he’ll learn it!

We have found that Navy is reactive to certain household items but with time, love, and desensitisation training he is showing improvement. Overall, he is a friendly happy little guy who just wants to please his people.

Navy is a working breed so is a bundle of energy. His ideal family is one that is calm, confident, and active and who is happy to take him on adventures and build up his confidence. But when you do need to go out he is happy to be left at home alone in a secure yard or in a crate with things to keep him amused and occupied.

Navy is excited to go on his daily walks but is a little apprehensive when out and about as a lot of things are all still very new to him but his confidence is growing everyday and he slowly learning that the world is not such a scary place after all.

Although Navy gets on well with other dogs when introduced correctly he would benefit more from a home without other dogs or a calm friendly natured dog that will teach him doggy manners and help him feel secure.

His home needs to be one without cats, pocket pets, and no small children. He is still a pup himself and still learning what is and not acceptable and may accidentally jump up or nip small children.

Navy's ideal forever home would be to have someone at home more often than not and is committed to providing him with daily training, exercise, and mental stimulation he needs. He would do very well in advance obedience training, agility or even nose works. He is such a clever boy!

Navy is a beautiful boy and he deserves only the best home.

Navy is located in Melbourne.

* Interstate adoptions are welcome *

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Navy is deaf.




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