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Fun Loving Goofball

Large Bull Arab X 

Hello everyone!

My name is Ranger and I am a 30kg male Bull Arab cross Boxer!

Up until Hear No Evil rescued me I spent my entire life on a farm which meant I had very little exposure to the world! Since being in foster care I have learnt super quickly, and am so eager to learn & please! I am a deaf, goofy boy but this doesn’t mean I’m dumb at all! I am affectionate and love to see my humans, sometimes i get so excited i nibble/groom at your arms/clothes to show you how much I love you! Another one of my quirks is where when I first see you of a day, I will scrunch up my nose, and show you my teeth. This is an appeasing behaviour and means no harm, I just want to please you and am so happy!

I absolutely love my dog foster siblings, my favourite activity to do so far is run, explore & play in nature! I have been tested with big and small dogs, and am great with both. I’m a bit rough & tumble, I love to body slam and get physical during play! I would prefer to have a fur sibling, but I think I’d be great without one too. I can co exist with a smaller dog without being too boisterous and needing to play.

I have been around 2 cats while in care and I am neutral to them. I can walk past them and have them around no worries! Sometimes I may seem a little too interested but I’ve never been anything but sweet with them while in care.

Overall, I’m a really chill boy & I would love to hang out with my humans whenever they can, and it would be amazing if they worked from home!

I have shown I am able to relax quite well and am quickly picking up the place command! Crate training is going great and I will let you know if I really need to go out to the toilet which is a bonus! At the moment I need a treat or a lure to go in the crate, but once I’m in I’m completely relaxed, and have been sleeping in one 8+ hours every night in one safely.

My one weakness is I’m still willing to jump on my humans or the benches when I’m excited! I get so so happy to see my people that I am pretty happy to jump up. Having treats or food really helps prevent me from jumping, and I am quickly learning that there is more value in food and being a good boy for my human! Apart from jumping which will be something my forever humans will need to keep training me around, I am such a good boy! I walk really well on a loose lead and know hand signals for sit, come, yes, no, wait/stay! I am working on down & watch me too! I am SUPER food motivated, and I play with some toys but I don’t yet know what to do with most of them! My new humans need to be aware that I really haven’t had experiences like a standard pet dog would, and most things you do with me would be my first time! If you need to get my attention, I currently respond to a touch on my body, a pulse on the lead or a visual wave motion if I can see you.

I would require one walk, run or training session daily to meet my physical needs as a boxer cross! This way, I can be the best boy for you as I’ve had to tire myself out. Enrichment activities and toys will be extremely beneficial for my mental stimulation needs. I am 3 years old but my foster humans say I act not a day over 1 year old. I’m a big, goofy boy and my new humans need to be warned, I have a VERY happy, waggy tail and if it gets you in the legs it will hurt! For this reason and my jumping habit, I would be best suited to a child free home, but would do well with bigger kids over the age of 15.

I can be vocal sometimes, if I see someone I’m not expecting or get startled I might give out a bark or two. I will also cry/whine when I need to toilet. I occasionally bark during play with dogs. I haven’t been known to excessively bark during my time in care.

I love a good snuggle with my humans and am so grateful to have a temporary home but I can’t wait to be a part of someone’s family forever!

Please consider me, Ranger as your next furry forever friend!

I'm located in Esk, QLD (75min outside of Brisbane)

* Interstate adoptions are welcome with transport costs payable by the adopter.*

Medical notes

Ranger is deaf.


Esk - QLD


3 Years



Micro chipped






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