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Just a fun loving girl

Medium Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Meet Josie

Josie is a fun loving girl who loves nothing more than spending time with her family and going on walks. She is sweet and affectionate and impossible not to fall in love with.

Josie was rescued from a regional pound and has been in care for 8 months. Her foster carer would love to adopt her but unfortunately it’s just not possible for her to do so.  She has asked for us to find an extra special family for Josie because she only deserves the best.

Josie is a well natured 18 month old Staffordshire bull terrier. Josie is deaf but she doesn’t know that – she just behaves like any other dog. With her one blue and one brown eye makes her usually beautiful – a result of a phenomenon called heterochromia iridis Heterochromia occurs as a result of excess or lack of melanin in one eye and the condition has no adverse effects on Josie’s vision

Josie is keen to learn especially when treats are involved. She has learnt her hand signals for “sit”, “stay”, “come” and more.  She loves her walks and can get a bit excited about it but has improved immensely walking on a lead since coming into care. She loves to meet all the other dogs when out and about and she can be a little stubborn if she is not ready to head home.

Josie is use to apartment living and she has her daily routine which keeps her very happy. She is toilet trained and will let you know if she needs to go toilet. She keeps her self-occupied with her toys and ball and gets a lot of mental stimulation through using puzzles and Kong’s for her meals.  She is happy to potter around with you as you do your chores or just curl up in her bed for a nap.

Josie’s three favourite things are going for walks, playing with other dogs and going to the beach for a swim. She is great with kids but is untested with cats and pocket pets.

Josies ideal home:

  • Is with a family who will involve her in everything they do.
  • Who will continue to train her and provides her with the mental stimulation she needs.
  • Let’s her meet, run & play with other dogs
  • Let’s her frolic in the water at the beach – just don’t forget her sunscreen
  • Can give her a cosy bed to sleep in - preferably yours and not complain about her snoring.

If you can give Josie this and more than please apply to adopt her now she is ready to start the next chapter of her life with you.

Josie is located in Homebush - NSW

* Interstate adoption is available. Transport at adopters expense.

Medical notes

Josie is deaf.




18 mths



Micro chipped






Basic training




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8yrs +




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Clint Dunn says October 17, 2021

I would love to have her as I’m hearing impaired and I have 2 kids so she would be really great with them .. I’m good with training dogs…

    hearnoevil says October 17, 2021

    Hi Clint
    She is a gorgeous girl and anyone would be lucky to have her. If you would happy to complete the adoption form we can assess your suitablity.

Amy Whitta says October 17, 2021

I have a 3 year old
Kelpie and we go on big walks every day. I have 4 children who want a 2nd dog to play with and so Tess, our kelpie, has a playmate.
Josie is gorgeous and the fact she is deaf just makes me live her more.
I learnt Auslan and completed my diploma 2 years ago. While I don’t expect to be communicating in Auslan with Josie, I know she will be very loved in our home.

Camille Deutrom says October 21, 2021

i would love to see how she is with my boy, 7yo am staff. ive been looking for a friend for quite sometime.

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