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deaf & blind pup

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Sweet & Goofy

Great Dane/Mastiff X 

Hello everyone! My name is Scooby and I am a Great Dane X Mastiff puppy! I was originally found dumped at a supermarket car park with my brother, then taken to a pound where Hear No Evil rescued me and I’ve been in foster care ever since.

I am going to be a very big, giant adult dog. My new humans need to be ready for this & expect me to grow to at least 60kgs, if not bigger! I am hearing & vision impaired, but this doesn’t stop me! Originally my humans thought I had no sight at all, but it turns out I can see a bit in certain light, like shapes, shadows & movement. My hearing isn’t perfect either, but I can still hear certain noises, like high pitched sounds/words! Sometimes I am a bit unsure of where the sounds are coming from, but most of the time I use my nose & sniff out whatever is making the sound. Despite my impairments, I have no trouble going up and down stairs, in and out of the dog pool, and living my life as a normal happy puppy. There is nothing I can’t do! You will be so surprised when you meet me, you won’t even be able to tell!

I am a goofy, fun loving, cheeky puppy! My future home will need to be aware I am very much still learning, and will need to help me navigate the world around me. I am very much on the go all the time if you let me, so I am working on learning how to be calm, and the art of doing nothing. I am a very busy boy with my nose, wanting to sniff everything! This is how I get around, I have a very strong sense of smell due to the lack of other senses..

I will require daily mental AND physical stimulation as I get older, at a very minimum, one walk, training session or activity a day would suffice. I absolutely love water & swimming, so if you have a pool or a body of water I can swim & play in, that would be such a bonus! Because I love to sniff, I find great benefit in sniffing out my meals. This can be as simple as scatter feeding on the ground or on grass, and will keep me busy for ages as I work to find my food! I also enjoy enrichment toys & games’, having to work to get my food out is so fun, rewarding and mentally stimulating! Being a Great Dane X, I won’t need a whole lot, but I will still need something to do every day! I will need good quality, strong toys that will last!

My new humans need to be aware my sight and hearing may deteriorate with time/age. It seems okay for now, but I am only young, so this is definitely a possibility!  I am learning touch commands because of this, and I have nearly mastered the sit command! I am working on recall & waiting for food. I walk very nicely on a loose lead already, but my future humans will need to continue training with me so that when I grow into a big boy, I still walk nicely on lead! I am fully crate trained, and I sleep all night overnight in my crate. I also go in my crate for nap time, when my humans run errands or when I can’t be directly supervised. My new home will be required to continue my crate training & use a crate regularly, as this is my safe space. As I am visually & hearing impaired, it’s very important for me to have a space where I know I am safe, and can rest deeply.

I am going to need a consistent, firm leader, with boundaries and structure to be the best boy I can be for you. I of course will be so grateful to be a part of your family, and would love to spend time with you cuddling, playing and having fun also! But it is important for my future home to know I will be a very big boy, so structure and training is very important for my future!

One of the main things I would LOVE in a future home is another big dog friend to play with! I really do love socialising, sometimes I love my friends a little too much! My foster parents are helping me tone this down and be respectful of other dogs. Ideally my friend to play with would be a tolerant large breed dog that is at least 35kg+. I currently love to hassle smaller dogs, and need consistent interruptions when doing so. I have been getting used to the cats in my foster home, but when given the opportunity I still love to try and chase them, he he. I will need to continue working on this. I could live with a cat over time, and will hopefully get better with age when I have less puppy brain, but my owners would need to be willing to keep me on lead when in the house to teach me how you want me to behave around small animals, until I can be trusted. I currently do have a prey drive, but am learning that it is more rewarding to be a good boy instead of chasing it! It is just so exciting for me as I can smell them and sometimes see them, but I’m not allowed to play!

I have been around small kids out in public and have shown I am a very good boy with them. I do still have very sharp teeth though and love to play, so if my new home has little children, they just need to be aware I am still very much a teething puppy!

Overall, I am such a sweet, goofy boy who is good in the car, bath, crate & house. I am only having accidents if my humans forget that I need to go out. I am still too young to be expected to hold on, but this will come with time. Overnight in my crate, I will vocally let you know if I need to go toilet, I am very good like this! I am not usually vocal, but will sometimes have a cry, whine or howl when you leave me initially. I would love a home where my humans don’t work every day, or they even work from home! I really want to be a part of a family who will love me like one of their own, and also take me on doggy adventures! I will make you laugh endlessly with my antics & can’t wait to find my forever home!

My future home will need to be happy to have me on a high quality, large breed puppy food to ensure I grow properly into a big healthy boy! As I haven’t had the greatest start to life, this is important to make sure I don’t run into any growth issues in the future!

I hope you will consider me for your next addition to your family!

Love Scooby

I'm located in Esk, QLD (75min outside of Brisbane)

* Interstate adoptions are welcome with transport costs payable by the adopter.*

Medical notes

Scooby is deaf and visually impaired.


Esk - QLD


3 months



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At 12 mths

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In progress



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8+ years



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Vicky Colley says October 30, 2021

Hi 😊 has scooby found a forever home yet as I have a beautiful 3 yr old Great Dane x Mastiff girl who might be a great best friend
I live in toogoolawah

Liesl Wharton says November 6, 2021

I’ve a Dane and grew up signing to humans. I’ve started signing to my current (second) Dane (18weeks). I signed to my first.

I use Auslan with my kindy kids too, all of my deaf family members have passed on now.

I’ve been interested in having a deaf dog for some time, since I heard of this issue and homing them with my original breeder and how she worked to house them.

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