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american staffy

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Magical Minka

Amercian Staffy

Meet Minka.

Minka is a stunning, super affectionate, American Staffy that had a not-so-great-start-to-life.. but all of that is behind her now as she has thrived in foster care with her large foster sister and loving carers. Despite her medical and Neuro issues, Minka is a very happy girl who deserves to find a wonderful forever home. She is very affectionate with all the kisses and snuggles! If you let her nap with you she will try to snuggle under your chin. She is very family oriented and just wants to be with her people and foster dog-sister, wherever they are. She can become a little anxious if there are a lot of people moving around in a confined area-she becomes restless and paces, therefore it’s recommended we find her a quieter home. For adventures - Minka loves open spaces! She is very happy in an big (deserted) space like big botanical gardens, parks and bushland, they are one of her favourite places! She loves the beach but is a bit nervous of water, so a confident dog friend may help her to learn that water is ok, even if it’s just to dip her little toes in 🙏🏼

Minka is highly treat motivated! From not knowing a thing when coming into care, to now knowing how to: sit, lie down, wait, no/yes, eat, toilet and come here. Minka has to be regularly ‘retrained’ most days as she has little long-term memory. She also needs a resident well-trained dog, as she looks to them during training to figure out what to do. Touch cues, as well as her signs, help her remember what the commands are so sign snd touch training will need to be ongoing throughout her life. Minka is also toilet trained!

Minka has mild separation anxiety due to her past, eg. if she's given a task in a separate room and you're doing something, she likes to check in with you and hang out with you, however, she has no reaction to her carers coming home if she is left in her crate or outside while for a few hours at a time/ away for short periods. Her leash manners are excellent, she doesn't strain on the lead at all. She is learning how to feel a ‘tug’ on lead, which tells her to ‘check in’ with her carer. For Minka, constant and short training sessions will be best in her new home. 

Minka is crate and mat trained! She’s happy to be in her safe/quiet space. Her new family will need to continue her crate training to allow her some quiet time and a space of her own regularly.

Minka sleeps inside, in her crate all night, with the door left open and is an inside/outside dog depending on where her family is. This will need to be continued in her new home as she is absolutely not a dog that can be left in a backyard by herself.

Minka is dog friendly when introduced slowly, and absolutely loves her big foster sister! She follows her foster sisters cues really well, therefore a home with another calm, friendly, polite dog, medium/large size or bigger, is essential to her development.
Minka is also people friendly and has met a variety of people. Her new family will always need to have her neurological issues in front of their minds and read her body language to ensure she’s always comfortable. When meeting kids under 12yo , Minka has been told to ‘sit’ or ‘drop’ to meet them and has been friendly towards them. 💖

Minka is deaf and has some neurological issues which are leftover from her past as a young puppy. As stated above, when she walks, her head bobs up and down and side to side; and she walks with stiff legs. Her neurological issues stem from some brain trauma in her past life. She doesn’t have good long term memory so her training will always be ongoing, everyday for the rest of her life. She learns best from other dogs, so a resident well trained dog is essential for her training and just learning how to be a ‘dog’ each day.

Her walks are limited to 15 minutes max as she tires easily. This doesn’t mean she sleeps a lot though.. Minka has a set nap/sleep schedule during the day which will need to be adhered to and continued during her days in her new home as much as possible. She finds it hard to ‘switch off’ so her nap/sleep times will need to stay as they are currently or close to it in her crate. This is one of the main reasons Minka will preferably need someone who works from home some of the time or full time. If her people are away from the house working, she tends to tire herself out with the resident dog, however, it’s preferable she has someone home some of the time during the week.

As with all our dogs, Minka will need to have engaging enrichment activities and brain games each day to ensure she doesn’t become bored and destructive, particularly when she is in her crate or left alone for short periods of time.

Lastly, a message from her foster carer: 

Minka is a wonderful girl. From her silly bobble head to her barks of snack injustice she is full of personality! She is incredibly affectionate and loving, a total lap dog who enjoys giving ear kisses and receiving snuggles. She can be a cheeky girl too, and she loves to play chasey and tug-o-war, but a whiff of a treat and all naughtiness leaves her body and she becomes an angel!

Minka is located in Melbourne, Victoria, and is ONLY available for Victorian adoption due to meet and greets being essential as well as a slow and consistent handover to her forever home .

Medical notes

Minka is deaf with some neurological issues.




7 months



Micro chipped





Desexed before adoption

Basic training




Energy level


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12yrs +




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