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Sweet & Affectionate

Large Bull Arab X

Introducing the absolutely gorgeous Nyx! True to her breeds, Nyx is very affectionate. She wants to be with people as much as possible and can sometimes protest briefly at being separated. Nyx will follow you around when home, she loves human contact, just being able to rest against your leg, body etc. Loves kisses and cuddles, will fall asleep and cuddle up every time you want her to. She also loves a full body cuddle so her new family will need to be ok with this!

She is quite an enthusiastic and social dog, and will happily accompany you on outings, but also happy to hang out at home either in the yard or at your feet. She loves chewing on a bone, toys, chew toys while lazing around the home most of the day. Like most deaf and deaf/blind dogs Nyx has no idea what personal space is. She is often under your feet and will follow you closely when moving around the house - often bopping you in the leg with her nose when she gets too close.

Nyx adores kids! Though she can get a tiny bit mouthy when excited, with adults too, but never hard, she will just need reminding of her manners as she still has puppy tendencies. She may also bark at first but this is from pure excitement. No bad experiences with kids. She has been around a 3 and 5-year-old and loved them to bits. She can play for hours with the kids; she will also snuggle up to them.

Nyx has learnt the following touch commands: Sit, Follow me, Lay down, Good girl, No, walks well on lead. Currently working on: Stay/Wait, Calm down, Roll Over and Directional cues - left/right, Turn around. When she is adopted we can send a list of how to use her touch signals she has been trained with. Nyx is also ‘place’ trained but needs instruction and reward to be solid.

She is fantastic at nose work games and would love to continue this in her new home, and very clever at problem solving... almost too clever! She loves enrichment activities and puzzles and she has no issue with going up or down stairs and navigating new environments proves very little challenge.

Nyx's has lived with multiple cats since she came into care as a small puppy with no issues, she has also been know to be a snuggle buddy to one or two in her time. No pocket pets for Nyx!

Absolutely great with other dogs, no issues at dog parks, walking etc. She will bark sometimes out of excitement but she’s never angry. Nyx absolutely loves to play a lot but can be a little rude/in your face which can annoy some dogs and doesn't quite understand when they've had enough of her pestering; so her new family will need to remind her of her manners and help her socialize politely at times. Nyx currently lives with a 2-year-old greyhound, they have become very good friends. Nyx needs to be put in her crate for some quiet time, to give the greyhound a rest and must be continued in her new home. She has also previously lived with multiple dogs from 3kg through to 35kgs and had no issues.

Nyx has no separation anxiety when away from her family, but she does prefer company over being alone 100%. Nyx loves either human or canine contact. She will try to test new people by 'calling for attention’ when outside or in a separate room. She likes to be right next to you when you are home. We are therefore seeking a home with someone home where possible, and with a doggy friend of a similar size and energy level (low to medium) as she loves to live with dogs!

Nyx will sleep in an OPEN crate willingly but she does not cope well with confinement, so crate training needs to be continued with door open at all times. Nyx knows this is her safe and quiet spot. She will walk straight into the crate for bed time and nap times. Nyx also sleeps inside all night in her crate in the bedroom, but she will happily sleep outdoors at night in warmer areas, so crated in bedroom is not a deal breaker.

Nyx is house and toilet trained and will need to continue being an indoor/outdoor dog in her new home. She doesn’t chew any items in the house when alone inside. She may scratch at the door if left outside and knows you are inside, so a door should be left open for easy access or doggy door in place for Nyx to go outside easily when she needs to go.

Nyx is still a work in progress on lead, she wants to be close to you unless her nose leads her astray. She is very excited to go walking, the more tired she gets the easier she becomes to walk. If you are walking another dog with her, she will be ok and try and walk with the dog. Nyx has been taken off leash in a large open field area and plays, walks along fine without running away. She will always stay close to you as her safe person. Nyx doesn’t run away when let out the front for a short amount of time (getting mail, putting bins out etc..) She will just follow right next to you. Nyx will follow her foster sibling greyhound along the fence line near field areas with no issues off leash. If she runs too far from you (and can’t ‘see’ you) she will always smell for you and come back to you.

Lastyly, Nyx is extremely sweet, loving and a very affectionate girl. She is still your typical goofy puppy with boundless enthusiasm. Her confidence is for the most part solid but can waiver if rushed into new people or experiences so new things and people are less scary if you go at her pace and follow her lead. She is still in puppy mode and can be bouncy and excitable but generally if you provide a calm a relaxed environment, she follows suit. The way Nyx sits and lays around is adorable, her legs will flop all over the place, her sit is like a polar bear. The sleeping positions are a laugh and the cuddles will make you melt... You will be laughing and smiling a lot around this beautiful girl!

Nyx is overall a delight; you forget sometimes she is blind and completely deaf (although she has proven to hear high pitch sounds). She really is one of a kind, a very special kind girl! Whoever adopts Nyx will feel like they’ve one the doggo lottery! She truly deserves the very best home. 💖

Nyx is available for interstate adoption to the right family who will need to understand how to introduce her slowly and carefully into their family to ensure she is comfortable and confident in her new surroundings. Transport is at the adopters expense.

If you’d like to adopt Nyx, please click on the link below to fill out an adoption form

(Photography by Ina J Photography) 💖

Medical notes

Nyx is deaf and blind although she can see shadows and movement.




17 months



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