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A 5 month old Aussie Shepherd Osher is now available for adoption! Please read his bio carefully and if you think you’d make a good home for him, please click on the links at the bottom!

Osher is a 5 month old 3/4 Aussie Shepherd x 1/4 Bull Arab mix boy who is deaf and sight impaired in one eye.

He is an absolutely beautiful boy who came into care as a young puppy and has had the best start to life with his wonderful foster carer! He has absolutely thrived in foster care and has learnt all of his basic commands.

Osher can sit, drop, high 5, come (working on it), and stay. He is amazing in his crate and never whinges to be let out. His future adoption family will need to continue his crate training as it is his safe space and somewhere he has learnt to be calm, which is very important for working breed dogs, to have that ‘down’ time. His lead work is coming along really well and he walks very well on a lead, checking in with his foster carer regularly. He can get excited when passing or seeing other dogs on lead, so his new family will need to keep working with him on this. He needs to remember to keep calm on the lead and that he doesn’t need to meet every dog he comes across (and the excited jumping up and down that does with it).

Osher has done some off lead work in his backyard and because he checks in with his carer, can ‘come’ when in a fenced in area. He is still working on his recall on a long lead out in public.

Osher is a very friendly boy who loves to meet people of all ages! He has met young children, all the way up to elderly people and has been very friendly towards them all. Though unless you have breed experience, we recommend a home with dog savvy kids 7yo+ due to his excitement and size, he could accidentally knock over small children.

Osher also loves other dogs, though he does like to play hard sometimes. His new family will need to remind him of his manners when playing with other dogs and supervise all play so he doesn’t get too overexcited. While he likes smaller dogs, we wouldn’t recommend he live with any as his herding instinct may kick in and he might accidentally hurt smaller dogs. He tends to get overexcited in particular, with little dogs, and while he tends to settle down, it’s not consistent. Because of this reason we need a family with a medium/large dog or bigger to play with as he will be a much bigger than average Aussie Shepherd and would love to have a forever sibling!

Osher is almost toilet trained! He has no accidents while in his foster carers home, but if at a friends house he sometimes forgets and may have an accident on the floor, his new family will just need to ensure they take him out regularly until he gets into his new routine.

Osher is the sweetest puppy! He’s very laid back, calm, and pretty cuddly! He’s quiet and mostly respectful of people but can run around and get the ‘sillies’ like most other puppies as well. As mentioned above he does have a full-on style of play so medium to large dogs or bigger is best for Osher. His foster carer always mentions how laid back and relaxed he is, which might be the 1/4 Bull Arab coming out in him! 😆 **No cats or pocket pets for him unfortunately**.

Osher is deaf and sight impaired in one eye. This eye’s pupil doesn’t sit properly so his vision isn’t too good on this side. Because of this we do recommend teaching Osher some touch commands as well as his signs, just in case his other eye deteriorates in the future. His other eye is fine for now and has full vision. Other than that, Osher is in perfect health and will be desexed when adopted as part of the adoption contract.

As with all working breeds, Osher will need to have engaging enrichment each day to ensure he doesn’t become bored and destructive. His training must be continued and we highly recommend him going to puppy school or group training if possible. He doesn’t have to be exercised every day for kilometers, as we know, working breeds are fine to be exercised every other day, maybe mixed up with a day at doggy daycare/dog walker each week, just as long as their brains are kept busy!

Osher cannot wait to meet his new forever family! This friendly, confident and (big!) beautiful boy is ready and waiting for his new home!

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Osher is deaf and sight impaired in one eye.







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Jessica says January 9, 2022

Hey I’m interested in is osher and was wondering what his adoption fee is for interstate as we live in nsw

    hearnoevil says January 10, 2022

    Hi Jessica We are due to close off adoptions shortly so if you haven’t done so please complete an adoption form. His adoption fee is $500 and interstate transport is payable by the adopter.

Kyezanne says January 27, 2022

Hi, Osher would be the perfect fit to my little family! Please direct me to where I can start the process of application?

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