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Large Bull Arab X

Snuggles is a 14 month old Bull Arab x and is now available for adoption! Please read his bio carefully and if you think your home would meet his needs, please click on the link at the bottom.

The first thing you’ll notice about Snuggles is that he has heterochromia, which means he has one blue eye and one brown eye. Snuggles’ heterochromia is likely linked to his deafness. He can see well out of both eyes though, and is the resident fly and mozzie spotter!

Snuggles is a big sweetheart. He is approximately 35 kilograms and, as his name suggests, very keen on snuggling. Snuggles has no concept of his size, and believes that he is lapdog. So be warned, if you enjoy your personal space, then Snuggles is not the dog for you!

Snuggles has learned a lot since coming into foster care from the pound. He is now housetrained, sleeps soundly in his crate every night and has excellent recall. Snuggles recently completed a six week juvenile dog obedience course and was informally voted the Dog Who Made The Most Progress. He LOVES toys and will offer a lovely sit or drop in exchange for a game of tug-of-war or fetch.

Snuggles is a young, and very strong dog, so it will be critical that his new family continue his training. In particular, Snuggles will need consistent training for loose leash walking. While he is generally pretty easy to handle on a lead and has learned to wait before crossing the road, his attention span is short and he will often forget about the Person On The End Of The Leash. This might manifest as pulling towards fascinating smells or unexpectedly lunging at birds or butterflies. If he sees another dog while on a walk he may ‘chuck a tanty’ and bark and bounce around at the end of his leash if he can’t run straight over and play with the dog. His foster carer is teaching him to sit and take treats as an alternative to this behaviour, but it is a work in progress. “You’re lucky you’re cute”, his foster carer often tells him.

Snuggles loves other dogs. Like, REALLY LOVES them. Snuggles currently lives with a moody female staffy who has so far valiantly managed to shake off his pawing, ear chewing and surprise shoulder charges. Snuggles simply refuses to believe that another dog may not want to play as much as he does. For this reason, Snuggles will need to meet any resident dogs before he moves in. We think an older, calm and confident dog of a similar size would be a perfect match for Snuggles.

Snuggles has met children and was surprisingly gentle. Though unless you have breed experience, we recommend a home with dog savvy kids 10yrs+ due to his excitement and size, he could accidentally knock over small children. He has taken an interest in cats that he’s seen on his walks so we recommend a home with no cats or pocket pets.

Snuggles is deaf and arrived in the pound with an old injury to his left hind foot and doesn’t have full mobility in the toes on that foot. This means that, despite his exuberance and delight in racing around the backyard, Snuggles actually needs to spend his days quietly indoors so he doesn’t wear out the affected joints. This hasn’t phased Snuggles, who has shown he is more than happy to sleep on the couch all day when his foster carer has to go into the office for work. A home where his people are home more often than not, or where someone can pop in to take him for a walk at lunchtime to break up his day, would be ideal.

LASTLY…. This super friendly, sweet-natured, boofhead has been a lot of fun and kept his foster carer on her toes! Snuggles will, without a shadow of a doubt, be a wonderful, loyal and loving companion, and is ready to snuggle up with his new family now!

If you think you or your family could be Snuggles’ forever home, please click on the button below and fill out an adoption form!

 Snuggles is available for adoption in Brisbane and surrounding area only. No interstate adoption available.

Medical notes

Snuggles is deaf. Has an old injury to his left hind foot and doesn’t have full mobility in the toes on that foot




14 months



Micro chipped






Basic training




Energy level


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10yrs +




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Baillie says April 16, 2022

If only snuggles was available in NSW!!

Kim Doroszenko says April 20, 2022

Hi. Im interested to hear more info, I’m thinking about adopting him. Free or pay? I have 3 deaf dalmatians and live in 3,200 sqm land in Delaneys Creek.

    hearnoevil says April 24, 2022

    Hi Kim

    I’m so sorry, I’m not sure what is happening with our emails of late as I can’t seem to find your email. I will email you a link to our adoption for once received one of our admin team will be in contact to discuss Snuggles in more detail with you.

Kim Doroszenko says April 20, 2022

Hello again.. I’ve sent u the email this morning and got no response from you. Can you pls reply.. thanks

YOSHI PANG says May 16, 2022

I’m in Melbourne. How will Snuggles be transported ? Thanks.

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