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AMAZING Family Dog

Cattle Dog X

With absolutely ginormous ears and the most stunning markings, we have the beautiful Ginny now up for adoption!💜
This whip-smart, active, loving girl would make the most AMAZING family dog! Whether you love rural or in suburbia, Ginny could be the next addition to your clan!

Ginny knows some basic signs like sit, drop, stay and come. She is learning to walk nicely on a lead and is super smart! She does get distracted easily so her new home will need to ensure her training is continued daily. She would benefit from group training too! Ginny also loves to learn, is very active and loves to learn new tricks. For this reason we also recommend looking at her her involved in noseworks or agility. Ginny is toilet trained but can accidentally still have an excites me wee so she needs to reminded to remain calm when inside.

Ginny LOVES enrichment and is a great idea while her family are at work or school during the day. Without it, she will become bored, so using an array of enrichments toys, puzzles, snuffle mats, slow feeders, lickimat or durable Sodapup toys is recommended for her. She loves to use her brain so these will need to be changed up regularly

Ginny is crate trained. She has learned that this is her safe space inside the house and has learnt to rest and relax in that space also. This is something that will need to be continued in her new home so she remembers to stop and relax and not ‘go all day’.

Ginny LOVES other dogs and needs to live with another medium sized (or larger) sensible dog. A dog that is still active but well trained and sensible would be amazing for Ginny, as she loves to spend time with her foster siblings at home. Unfortunately she is too full on with cats and pocket pets as she tries to herd them.

Ginny LOVES people! She was raised with small children, so as long as the children are dog savvy and their parents/carers are happy to involve them in her training, she’d love to go to a home with kids 3yo and older. She just wants to be part of a family. She’d also make a great work doggo as her love for people is also a passion of hers!

If you’re the type of family that loves to get out of the house to the park, oval, sports, hiking, beach, camping etc.. Ginny would love to accompany you! If her training is continued, you could take her anywhere and she will have an absolute ball! 💜

Ginny is an excitable, fun loving girl that LOVES spending time as part of a family, she would fit in to a family with kids and a friendly, sensible resident dog easily.

She’s very lovable and always comes up for pats, gets them, then climbs slowly onto your lap to nuzzle in. She's the sweetest soul and deserves the most loving, commited family to bring out the best in her snd to live the best life she deserves.

There you have it.. if you’re looking for a fun loving, whip smart, energetic, cuddly girl with THE biggest ears we have ever seen, consider putting in a detailed application for Ginny! She deserves her forever family so much and we hope we can find that for her!

Please click on the link below to apply for this gorgeous girl👇
*Ginny is available for interstate adoption to be paid at adopters expense*.

Medical notes

Ginny is deaf.

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Glenys Downing says March 3, 2022

Is Ginny still up for adoption, I owned one in the early1980s. She was a super dog but sadly was bintten by a snake and died she has never forgotten and she was called Lucky. I:live by myself and visual her being with me day and and night.except for medical appts. I even have my shopping delivered. Three is a parkblock away and plenty of social opportunities to meet other dogs. My garden is quite large enough for her. The I’m in my mid 70sand have poor health but manage by myself with a cleaner and occasional gardenerI could play with and would expect her to live in the house with me. I have friends who would take her on my.demise but is this enough.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts

Regards Glenys

    hearnoevil says March 9, 2022

    Hi Glenys

    These dogs do leave a lasting mark on your heart, don’t they? Unfortunately, Ginny is not available as we are in the process of finalising her adoption to a wonderful family. Good Luck in your search and keep checking back to see if we have any other dogs that might be suitable.

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