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Meet Stormy

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to walk on the moon? Stormy can show you some serious anti-gravity moves!! Her foster mum compares this deaf 8month old Bull-Arab X to our favourite spring tailed tiger: Tigger; taking on the world a few bounces at a time! She approaches new challenges with enthusiasm, and a flair of personality- from her training; where she is excelling in every area, to hanging out by herself, figuring out puzzles and her wobble Kong! She really does enjoy her alone time, often choosing to just hang out in her crate or play alone outside, in-fact she doesn’t mind being left at home while everyone is at work, provided she has her wobble Kong or even a friend to keep her company.

Stormy is having a lot of firsts in foster care so she is looking for a family who can either provide a home in a quiet suburban area, or a family who are experienced, and can support her when she becomes anxious in new scenarios. 💛

In the short time Stormy has been in foster care, this incredible smarty pants has absolutely smashed her basic training, and is blowing everyone away in doggy parkour! (Xtreme Agility) As well as learning how to track! Stormy also knows some fun tricks like spin, roll over, wave, two paws on a target, four paws on a target. It is vital that Stormy has consistent ongoing training in her new home and we do recommend group training sessions to keep building her confidence! Stormy is crate trained.

Stormy is also doing fantastic at both short leash and long line, she practises every day on her walks and has been consistent in checking in with her foster carers while on a long line.

Stormy enjoys playing with the dogs she knows and meets up with regularly, because of all her energy and high flying acrobatics, she can be perceived as a bit much for some dogs and can be a bit over zealous, she loves to play and has a hard time respecting when the other dog says no. This is something her foster carer has been working on, and believes she would really benefit from having an older dog in her life to teach her some dog etiquette.
Because she is a bit unsure of new situations, she can be leash reactive when meeting new dogs on her walks. It will be important her new family can take the time to introduce her slowly or plan a routine time and place where she will be comfortable and free from too many new encounters.

“Stormy has such a fun bubbly personality! She's very extroverted and independent, but also loves her humans and is always happy for snuggles once she's completed her daily zoomies and sniffs. She thinks her Kong wobbler is the best thing in the whole world and it keeps her entertained for hours. She loves to chase butterflies and grasshoppers and she loves nothing more than a big open area to do some crazy zoomies. She's very enthusiastic in everything she does. And she learns so quickly. She's already learnt 8 fun tricks, as well as mastered all her basic training and loose leash walking. She loves posing for photos too. And we can't forget her adorable floppy ear!” 🤩

Please click on the link below to apply for this gorgeous girl👇

*Stormy is available for interstate adoption to be paid at adopters expense*.

Medical notes

Stormy is deaf.


Lake Bathurst NSW


8 months



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Carol Lee says March 3, 2022

I have previously submitted an adoption application for a previous beautiful little girls by the name of Daisy. I am extremely interested in applying for Adoption of beautiful Storm. I live in South Australia but will be visiting my family in NSW in the Blue Mountains (Blackheath) in the last week of April to the second week of May and would love to meet Storm. I’m sure it will be love at first site. Please advise if I need to submit another application. Thank You Carol Lee

    hearnoevil says March 9, 2022

    Hi Carol
    Stormy is still available. She is such a clever beautiful girl. We still have your application so no need to do another one.

Baillie says April 16, 2022

I am definitely intrigued about Stormy! She seems like she would go perfect with my dog Boo who is also deaf

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