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Meet Shady Jane

The one and only Shady Jane!
After watching her blossom during her “30 Days of Rescue” this sweet pup is ready to find her forever home! Please read her detailed biography below to see if you tick all our boxes for her to live her best life!💜

Shady Jane is a 9mth old deaf Stumpy Tail Cattle dog. She was found wandering the streets of Goondawindi, probably doing some shady sh*t with her mates we suspect! She was bound to be picked up and taken to lock up but this girl put on all of her sweet Jane charm and scored a ticket to the big smoke. Turns out the big city wasn't for Shady, she was a little too much for her foster carer and was packed up and moved to the Sunshine Coast!

Shady Jane was in for a bit of a shock though, her new foster mum knew all her cattle dog tricks. Jumping up wanting a hug was code for – just seeing what I can score off your dinner plate. If things were quiet that usually means Shady is doing something shady. But that's cattle dogs in general for you. If you don't keep them entertained, they will end up entertaining themselves and that usually means doing things you don't like. So lots of enrichment for this sweet girl please! Whether it be Licki-Mats, Chew toys, Kongs or any number of snuffle mats or puzzle toys you can now get at Kmart, will help keep her occupied so she doesn’t become destructive.Shady doesn't have any separation anxiety but if left alone, she must be provided with a *variety* of enrichment activities to keep her entertained and out of trouble.

Shady Jane is a sweet-natured, affectionate and cheeky girl, if not a little wilful! At home you will be her everything… she bonds very quickly to her human. She is a little cautious when meeting new people but then will be their best friend within 2 minutes flat, as always - calm and quiet introductions with lots of treats are a good idea if she seems unsure. Shady also doesn't like sharing her humans and will push resident dogs out of the way to gain your attention, so an independent, friendly, older dog, (if any) would be beneficial for Shady, someone who she can learn manners from too. She would do well on a big suburban block where she has room to run, zoom and play with her family! Shady Jane is a brilliant inside/outside dog and must continue this arrangement in her new home. 🐾

Shady Jane is house trained, has great manners, walks well on a lead and loves travelling in the car. Her basic commands are coming along, she knows sit, down, wait (if not for long) and she has learnt to shake hands. She is one of few dogs we have had through rescue who actually doesn't like her crate, so she is being mat trained instead - a place where she can feel safe, and curl up to rest without anyone bothering her. Shady Jane LOVES to learn, but does get distracted easily, so her new home will need to ensure her training is continued daily for the rest of her life, including strong boundaries too. She would also benefit greatly from group training too or another dog activity like agility or fly ball or noseworks.

Shady is currently living with a male resident Cattle Dog and they adore playing together. She is a little cautious when meeting new dogs so slow introductions are needed with treats on hand and some reassurance from her human. She is good at regulating her play and on the rare occasions where her foster mum does need to step in, she just shows Shady a treat and she is instantly on her best behaviour. She isn't keen on smaller dogs so a playmate her own size or larger would be best. As mentioned above, she would do equally well as a solo dog but would prefer to have her human around more often than not. Working From Home full time or part-time would be her perfect home, or someone who just works part-time a few days a week, she’s not a dog who can be home alone for full-time workers, unfortunately.Shady Jane hasn't been tested with kids but she is very gentle so dog savvy kids 8yo+ years would be fine. Shady's ideal family would be one that loves to get out of the house to the park, oval, sports, hiking and camping. Shady would love to accompany you on alllllll your adventures!

Last word from Foster Carer….
“I was expecting a little tornado of a cattle dog but Shady Jane has turned out to be the most beautiful sweet-natured girl! She is intelligent and full of character with a touch of attitude – but that's how I like my cattle dogs! Her ears are so expressive, you know exactly what she is going to do by those beautiful ears. She is always up for a cuddle and her antics make me laugh. As a foster carer, Shady Jane will be one of those dogs that I will regret not being in a position to adopt for myself.” 💜

Shady Jane is available for adoption now and is also available for interstate adoption for the right home that can ensure slow introductions with a resident dog.

If you think you can be Shady Jane’s forever home, please click on the link below and fill in a detailed adoption application.

Huge thank you to the wonder Angela at for the gorgeous photos of Shady Jane.

Shady Jane is available for interstate adoption to be paid at adopters expense*.

Medical notes

Shady Jane is deaf.

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Dan says May 1, 2022

Shady jane how do i go about adopting her I’m in charters tower’s west of Townsville

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