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This BEAUTIFUL boy with the MOST adorable, wonky ears is finally ready for adoption! His extremely loving and dedicated foster family have done an absolutely incredible job getting him ready for his forever home… please read his detailed profile below! ⬇️


Arnie is a beautiful 3yo Great Dane x Mastiff with A LOT of love to give. He just adores kids, currently living with toddler twins, as well as his humans. He is a typical Mastiff/Dane in that he loves and often Velcros himself to his humans and will push boundaries every now and then. He is a giant softie though who likes nothing more than being close to his people. He has grown up with human babies and toddlers, kittens and cats in the past, however his new family must keep up his very consistent training and boundaries with him to ensure he is a balanced dog overall.


Arnie was a bit of a blank slate when he first came into care and has learned a lot since. He is now housetrained, sleeps soundly in his crate every night in his foster carers room and has been doing really well with his basic training- sit, drop, stay, come and check in. He is also learning to walk on lead with his Halti really well. Arnie’s training is currently focused on laying calmly on his mat, or in his crate, going to his mat when asked, waiting at doors and checking in with his foster carer when walking on a lead in the Josie and outside of the house. He is very treat motivated, so is quite easy to train, however will need strict consistency with training, lead work and exposure to new environments on an ongoing basis. He loves to go everywhere with you, however his new family must be aware of his boundaries and thresholds when out and about. He loves meeting other dogs but gets quite excited and silly so must learn to meet dogs calmly. Arnie is a young, strong dog, so it will be critical that his new family give him firm boundaries and continue his training, whether that’s 1:1 or group training,

Arnie is house trained and sleeps all night in his crate with the door open in his foster carers room which needs to be continued in his new home as he can get anxious if he doesn’t know where his people are.


Arnie will need consistent training for loose leash walking. While he has learned to walk at his foster carer’s heel for the most part and wait before crossing the road, his attention span is short and he will often forget that he is on the job and pull towards a fascinating smell or dog he sees on his walk. His foster carer thinks that he will chill out a bit as he gets older, but in the meantime he will need a relatively confident handler.


Arnie quite likes other dogs and gets excited to meet them. Sometimes too excited! So he needs to reminded of his manners. He loves his older, calm, Greyhound brother and would excel in a household with an older, calm resident dog or would be ok on his own if his new family worked from home or Part Time hours. He has been a fence jumper in the past so unfortunately no full time workers, sorry!


Arnie has shown he is more than happy to sleep on the couch all day and in his crate of a night. Provided he has a few enrichment activities to choose from. He loves to shred cardboard boxes, loves his Kong and Lickimat too, any of these must be provided in his new forever home to keep him from being destructive both inside and outside the home. A home where his people are home more often than not, or where someone/dog walker can pop in to take him for a walk at lunchtime to break up his day, would be ideal. His foster carer leaves him with food puzzles and toys to keep him occupied, which he loves.


Arnie has grown up with babies and children in his old home and is currently part of his twin foster brothers games! He loves being their ‘fiery dragon’ (Sitting down on the floor with them) or ‘snowy mountain’ (lying down asleep) during their many games. He’s extremely gentle and very patient and tolerant with the kids he’s lived with. Obviously it goes without saying any interactions he has with small children will always need to be monitored, but he loves kids and just absolutely melts in the company of them.


Arnie is deaf. He has had a full vet check and we can’t see any other issues. He is desexed as well. People often ask us about whether he can see out of both eyes because they are different colours. We can confirm that he sees very well out of both eyes and is absolutely fine!


Arnold is one of the sweetest, friendliest dogs we have ever met. He has a very sweet nature, is a bit of a goofball and he can be a lot of fun! Arnie will, without a doubt, be a wonderful, loyal and loving family dog, and is ready to find his forever home!

Arnold is located in Geelong, Victoria and he will only be available for adoption within Victoria due to needing to meet and greet any resident dogs first.

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Arnold is deaf.


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