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This sweet velcro puppy is ready to find her forever family! Please read her detailed profile below!👇

Sprite is a bright blue eyed, 12 month old pup who came into care last year after being dumped overnight at a rural NSW pound. Her foster family describe her as "Extremely loving and a little needy at times!" Going on to say; her favourite hello is a million sloppy kisses, and her favourite place is curled up with her humans on the couch getting all the cuddles and scratches!

Sprite’s short life has been filled with disruptions so it’s not surprising she came into care with some anxiety and behavioural issues. Sprite has been working diligently with her carers and a trainer on these issues, as result she has grown a lot of confidence and trust during her time in care. Recognising she is safe, secure, and surrounded by people who love her.

The change in her in the last 6 months has been amazing. She loves to please and with a consistent, patient owner and ongoing training, she will mature into an exceptional dog. Her deafness hasn’t stopped her living from enjoying life and striving to reach her potential. 💖 Sprite would also make a FANTASTIC sports dog!!! Agility, nosework, tracking, flyball etc - she’d excel at them all!

Sprite has been doing fantastic with her basic signs, knowing: sit, down, paw and to let her fosters know she needs to go outside. Sprite responds best to slow deliberate signs and lots of kibble while she is learning. Although she is crate trained, Sprite is in the habit of sneaking into the master bedroom to be close to her family, and maybe preferring the luxury of a whole bed! We would highly recommend continuing to use a crate for Sprite. Having a safe space that she can go to, to relax, play with her toys, and have down time is such an important part of her routine.

Sprite benefits from clarity and consistency. She can become frustrated if the rules are changed on her suddenly but she is a quick learner when she is taught what to do. She is happy to work for a variety of reinforcers including toys, play, treats or even just her normal kibble! Like any working breed, Sprite has been learning how to have an “off switch”. As much as she would love to play all day she needs her rest and downtime. Clear signals communicating when play time starts and finishes will help her continue to grow this vital skill.

Sprite generally walks well on lead. She responds best to a handler who communicates with calmness, clarity and consistency. When engaged in a game with her human she happily stays in close proximity but, being a young dog, this should not be taken for granted off-lead! Continuing to grow her value in staying close and coming away from distractions will solidify this skill as Sprite matures.

Sprite is currently working on reducing her re-activeness to lights and reflections. She is improving everyday with the help of anti-anxiety medication and desensitising training.

Sprite absolutely loves to play with both humans and other dogs. But sometimes, she can be way too excited to say hi and takes the interaction a little too far, it will be your job to supervise and step in before it does. Sprite’s ideal home will be where someone is home more often than not - A work from home family member would be ideal.

Sprite LOVES her enrichment and games, not only does she love her Lickimat and Kong; she is a fantastic little adventurer who enjoys hide and seek with treats, exploring the beach, and sniffing everything in her path while on walks. After a good walk with all the exciting smells; Sprite will spend the rest of the day, happy, relaxed and fast asleep on the couch!


She has come on so much in the last month especially. Really relaxed and calm in herself, as if she has found security and love. We want her to be loved as we love her and to be settled with a loving and special family who will recognise how special she is.💖

Sprite is available for adoption within Victoria. 

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