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Seer is a very special, 10-month-old, border collie. He is a Double Merle.

A Double Merle is a result of merle-to-merle breeding, where every pup born has a 25% chance of being born deaf, blind, deaf, and blind, and/or having neurological issues. Seer was one of that 25% being born deaf and blind and if that wasn’t enough, he is also epileptic, for which he is taking daily medication. You would think he would be the saddest dog in the world with all of these so-called disabilities… but no… not Seer!!! He absolutely loves life!

We all know that Border Collies are super smart, outgoing, friendly dogs and Seer is no different. Where he does differ is in his energy level – He isn’t as active, in fact, he is known to take a nap midway during his 30-minute walk 🤣 He LOVES having some freedom (on a long leash) to run around in an open field or on the beach and sniff anything and everything he can. He is then content to sleep most of the day.

Routine is very important in Seer’s life – It is how he knows day from night, when to get up and when to go to sleep, without a structured routine you will find he will want to play in the middle of the night. He isn’t one for sleeping in or letting anyone else sleep in so if you are not up when he thinks you should be, expect to have the covers pulled off of you! If you love getting up and going to bed at the same time every day…Seer is going to love you.

Seer is still only a puppy and as we all know puppies are into everything and this is even truer for deaf and blind dogs who explore their world using their nose and mouth. If you have lots of knick knacks or prized collectibles, Seer is definitely not the dog for you!
Seer is learning touch commands and he knows sit, down and his stay is getting better. He walks well on a lead and his crate training is progressing. Seer loves training if not for the mental enrichment just because he loves the treats. Seer would absolutely love activities such as noseworks…he can search out a teeny tiny crumb at 50 paces.

Seer absolutely adores the attention of kids and adults alike but because he is still a pup and has a tendency to jump up and explore he explores the world with his mouth he is best in a home without young children.

He adores other dogs...he doesn’t care if they are big, small, black or brown, cattle dog or bull arab. He currently lives with a grumpy cattle dog but his ideal home would have a calm, friendly dog for him to romp around with.

Also, on Seer’s wish list is a home with a backyard that he can wander around in and enjoy all the smells. You will go to the top of his list if that backyard came with a sensory garden and his very own doggie pool. That would be his idea of doggie heaven!!!He would

 also love someone that is at home more often than not and is calm, patient, and understanding of his special needs and requirements. They must also be willing to provide Seer with all the mental & physical enrichment and ongoing training he requires. In exchange, this cheeky monkey will bring so much joy and love to your life.

You will also need to be prepared to be an educator and an advocate for deaf/blind double merles, as LOTS of people will stop you in the street for a pat and ask you what it’s like living with a dog like Seer. 💙

Seer is located on the Sunshine Coast and due to his special needs is only available for adoption in Southern QLD (Gold Coast up to Hervey Bay).

If you think you are the family Seer is looking for please complete the adoption below 👇

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