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Hear No Evil' Australian Deaf Dog Rescue was founded in Townsville QLD in late 2014 and was set up specifically to give deaf dogs the second chances they deserve. Although, we are a relatively small organisation, we have very big hopes regarding the welfare of animals.

'Hear No Evil' are a Australia's leading rescue and re-homing group for deaf and special need dogs. We are considered a No Kill rescue, that means we Do Not Euthanse dogs for space or because they have been in care too long, nor because they are deemed un-appealing to adopt.

We have a duty of care for each animal we take in as well as our carers, volunteers and the public. The only circumstances for euthanasia in our rescue is if the dog is considered mentally, or physically unsound, and this is only after professional advice from both a Qualified Dog trainer/behaviours AND a practicing Veterinarian. It is not a decision taken lightly, and it is never done in haste.

We strongly believe in Quality of life, and we give every dog in our care the best chance they can to overcome any behaviour or medical issues in order to live Happy, Healthy, Safe lives.

We use positive training methods of incorporating basic easy to learn hand signals to ensure our dogs have basic manners and training prior to adoption. All our dogs come desexed, microchipped and vaccinated before being adopted, as well as flea/tick treated and wormed while in our care.

We offer ongoing support to any adopting families for life. ‘Hear No Evil’ even have a partnership with an assortment of dog trainers around the country to help sort out any unwanted and unhealthy behaviours.

At ‘Hear No Evil’ we don't just rescue and rehome, we provide information and advice to anyone who has a deaf dogs, and also to those people who may be interested or considering adopting a deaf dog.

Hear No Evil would not exist without the tireless support of our dedicated volunteers and foster carers but we can always use more help. If you wish to get involved in any way, please contact ‘Hear No Evil’, there is always something you can do.

Meet the Team

Sonja Coombes - Founder & President

Having fostered deaf and special needs dogs through other groups, I noticed that so many deaf dogs were being overlooked by main stream rescues so I started my own personal one-dog-project. The plan was to privately foster, train and adopt out just one deaf dog at a time but that soon fell by the wayside once people found out what I was doing and as others with a similar passion stepped up to help it saw the expansion of that one-dog-project into Hear No Evil.

My vision is to create a strong, compassionate and respected rescue that not only saves and rescues deaf dogs but also one that helps educate the community that a deaf dog is first and foremost just a dog and deserves a second chance to find a safe and loving home.

Joanne Heyman - VIC Coordinator

Five years ago I was lying on my couch and scrolling through Facebook when I noticed a post shared by a friend of mine about a deaf dog learning sign language.
Little did I know how this one simple Facebook share was about to change my life!

I was mortified to learn how deaf dogs were treated in pounds, on farms, by breeders and even veterinary clinics. To learn that they were (and still are) recommended for euthanasia for being deaf broke my heart.
Being Deaf myself and a Teacher of the Deaf, I immediately adopted a deaf dog from Hear No Evil and put my hand up to help fundraise for this tiny rescue to help other deaf dogs from being mistreated. It wasn’t long before I found myself as the Victorian Coordinator for HNE. My beautiful deaf dog and I travel all around Melbourne attending events, sometimes on a weekly basis, spreading the word about our little rescue and how awesome these beautiful intelligent creatures really are. 

Vicki Law - SEQLD Coordinator

Having lost my dog after 16 years it was time to start thinking about getting another dog and this time round I wanted to adopt a rescue dog. But making a decision as to which one was harder than I expected. There were so many dogs that needed a loving home, it just broke my heart. That's when I saw Hear No Evil asking for foster carers and I thought what a wonderful idea and immediately made the call.

The idea was to continue fostering but my first foster dog Elliot had different ideas. He wormed his way into my heart that I just had to adopt him. He showed me just how wonderful, smart and loving deaf dogs really are and how forgiving they are despite the rough start in life they had.  It's because of him that I'm now a passionate advocate for deaf dogs and together we attend markets days and events to help raise community awareness and to help find deaf dogs a safe and loving forever home. 

Daniel McAndrew - Marketing

My deaf dogs are amazing and I want to help change perceptions and help give deaf dogs across Australia the opportunity to find new homes. With my background in online marketing I donate time and skill to build an online presence for the rescue so that more people become aware of Hear No Evil and their mission.

We are a registered charity.

Hear No Evil is a registered charity.  If you would like for more information search for Hear No Evil on the ACNC Charity Register.

ABN: 67 278 965 320

QLD: Supplier No: BIN0004216021389

VIC Supplier No:  RE116489

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