About Us

Our Mission

Established in the Townsville, QLD, in 2014, Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue, also known as Hear No Evil, began its journey in the field of Dog Adoption in Australia with a heartfelt commitment to deaf and special-needs dogs. Our founding was propelled by the profound need to champion the cause of these often overlooked and misunderstood canines. Embodying a mission that is both straightforward and powerful, we dedicate ourselves to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of deaf and special needs across Australia. Our purpose is to ensure these deserving dogs receive the love, training, and forever homes they need.

Our Approach to Rescue and Rehabilitation

At the core of our operations is the belief that every dog, regardless of their hearing or sight capabilities, deserves a loving and caring home. Our approach to rescue and rehabilitation is holistic, considering not just the physical health of these dogs, but also their emotional and psychological well-being. We implement specialised training techniques that are tailored to the unique needs of each dog, thereby preparing them for life in their forever homes. This training is essential, not just for their basic needs, but also to help them build strong, lasting bonds with their new families.

Awareness and Advocacy

Raising awareness about the capabilities and needs of deaf dogs is a significant part of our mission. We tirelessly work to dispel myths and educate the public about the joys and challenges of living with a deaf dog. Our advocacy efforts extend to collaborating with other organisations and participating in community events to spread our message and reach potential adopters and supporters.

Community and Support

Hear No Evil is more than just a rescue organisation; it’s a community. We offer support and advice to adopters, potential adopters, and anyone curious about or already living with a deaf dog. Our commitment to supporting the deaf dog community is unwavering, and we strive to be a resource for information, sharing our knowledge and experience generously.

Volunteer and Foster Network

The backbone of our organisation is our incredible network of volunteers and foster carers. These dedicated individuals offer their time, homes, and hearts to care for our dogs until they find their permanent homes. Our foster program is crucial in providing a nurturing environment for these dogs, allowing them to adapt to home settings and learn essential skills.

Joining Our Cause

We welcome everyone who shares our passion and vision to join us. Whether it’s through adoption, fostering, volunteering, or donations, every bit of support helps us continue our work. By joining our cause, you become part of a community that values the lives of all dogs, regardless of their physical abilities.

Our Commitment to the Future

Looking ahead, Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is committed to expanding our reach and impact. We aim to continue growing our network, improving our facilities, and enhancing our programs to benefit more deaf and special-needs dogs. Our vision is a world where every deaf dog is given a chance to live a full and happy life.

Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is a testament to what love, dedication, and community can achieve. We invite you to be part of our journey, to share in our challenges and triumphs, and to help us make a difference in the lives of these extraordinary dogs. Join us in our mission to provide a voice for the voiceless and to ensure that no dog is left behind because of their special needs.