Adopting A Deaf Or Special Needs Dog

Every dog deserves a loving home, and at Hear No Evil, we focus on providing that for deaf and special needs dogs. These incredible animals are just as loving, playful, and loyal as any other dogs, with a unique charm and resilience that makes them truly special. By adopting one of these remarkable dogs, you are giving a deserving pet a chance at a happy and fulfilling life.

Why Adopt a Deaf or Special Needs Dog?

Unique Bond and Communication

Adopting a deaf or special needs dog creates a unique bond based on trust and understanding. These dogs learn to communicate through visual signals, touch, and other non-verbal cues, making your relationship with them truly special.

Overcoming Challenges Together

While caring for a deaf or special needs dog can present challenges, it is incredibly rewarding. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have made a significant difference in their life, helping them overcome obstacles and thrive.

Love and Loyalty

Deaf and special needs dogs are incredibly loving and loyal. They often develop strong attachments to their families and show immense gratitude for the care and support they receive.

The Adoption Process

Step 1: Application

Start by filling out our adoption application form available on our website. This form helps us understand your lifestyle, experience with dogs, and what you are looking for in a companionYour application will be assessed, and if suitable, a Hear No Evil team member will call you to discuss your application further.

Step 2: Meet and Greet

Should you progress to the next stage, an online meeting will be set up with a Hear No Evil team member, yourself, and the foster carer. If you are in the same city, a meet and greet will be arranged. This usually coincides with a yard check to ensure the safety and security of the property on which the dog will be kept.

Step 3: Adoption Finalisation

If the meet & greet goes well and the yard check ensures that your living environment is safe and suitable for the dog, we will finalise the adoption. You will sign an adoption agreement, pay the adoption fee. If you are in the same city, the dog is then handed over with any belongings and all relevant paperwork and records. If interstate, transport arrangements will be made, and the costs are the financial responsibility of the adopting party. Hear No Evil is happy to assist with departure preparations and ensuring the dog makes its transport connection.

Step 4: Settling In

Once the 14-day ‘settling in’ period has ended, the change of ownership microchip details are submitted, and the adoption is officially finalised.

Our Commitment to You

Our support doesn’t end with the adoption. We provide ongoing assistance to help you and your new pet adjust. Whether you need advice on training or have questions about your dog’s needs, we are here for you for the life of your pet.



Abby & Pumpkin

She is just the best dog, loved wherever she goes. She takes everything in her stride and absolutely adores Henry. She's great with the cats (loves the ginger one) and often is found sleeping with them. I can't wait to see her grow. I often forget she is deaf because she's so in tune with what's happening around her. I'm so happy she's becoming part of the family! .

adopted deaf dog

Kylie & Mango

Oh Mango, you were the missing piece to our puppy puzzle, you have come into our family like a perfect fitting glove. After a couple nights of getting to know your new human family, you met your newest siblings Biscuit, Cookie & Boston and it was love at first sight! Your foster carer told us so much about you and was super amazing with helping us know you before we met you, one thing the stood out was that you absolutely love water and thank goodness because Biscuit loves taking you around to see all the property puddles! Welcome Home Mango, You’ve successfully stolen our hearts

deaf dog adoption

Jacki & Tones

She is such a big part of our family already. We absolutely adore her. She is so laid back for only 7 months old and everyone who meets her just melts at how sweet she is. She annoys the cats at every opportunity but means them no harm. They will eventually be great friends. I’m lucky enough to have a boss who loves animals so Amaya comes to work with us every day. The hardest part of my day it trying to stop all of the other staff members from spoiling her. A huge thank you to Hear No Evil for giving us the missing link that turned our house into a home. We love her to bits xx

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