Vicki Law

Cattle Dog


Navy, a 3yo Australian Cattle Dog. Perfect for a quiet, solo-dog household, he shines in obedience & agility. Lover of the outdoors. Find out how you can give this smart and loyal dog a forever home.

friendly Bull Arab puppy


Meet Macklemore: Your Dream Big, Friendly Dog Are you looking for a gentle giant to join your cat-loving family? Meet Macklemore, the adorable friendly Bull Arab puppy who’s as cat-friendly as they come! This young, deaf pup is bursting with life, love, and playful energy. He’s an all-around social butterfly, winning hearts from cats to …

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Koolie Minogue

MEET KOOLIE MINOGUE Introducing Koolie Minogue, or “Mino” as she’s affectionately called. This 4-month-old Australian Koolie is a blend of sass, spirit, and sheer determination. She is a double merle and as a result received the double whammy being deaf and vision impaired. She has microthalmia which is characterised by small eyes and starburst pupils. …

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Jarrah Table Header Table Header Location: Townsville QLD DOB: April 2023 Sex: Male Micro Chipped: 953010006374613 Vaccinated: Yes Desexed: At 6 Months Basic Training: In progress Sleeps: Inside Energy Levels: High Good With: Dogs: Yes Kids: 8 years + Cats: No