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Meet Baymax

Meet Baymax, our gentle giant with a heart of gold. Baymax, an adorable 1 year old Great Dane x Bull Arab mix with a personality as big as his stature. Despite his young age, Baymax has captured the hearts of everyone he meets with his boundless affection and joyful spirit. 

Baymax has been a loving member of his foster home for 4 months, where he’s demonstrated not just his ability to learn but also his gentle nature. Although he’s deaf, Baymax’s enthusiasm for life and love for people, especially kids, knows no bounds. He’s a big puppy at heart, which means his play can be a bit boisterous at times, but it’s all part of his charm. 

When it comes to other dogs, Baymax is a social butterfly. He adores playing and would thrive in a home with a canine companion to keep him company. While his curiosity about smaller pets like house geckos shows his playful side, it’s clear that with proper introductions and supervision, Baymax could learn to coexist harmoniously with all sorts of animals. 

Baymax’s energy levels are mostly low, sprinkled with bursts of ‘zoomies’ that showcase his joyful, puppy-like zest for life. He’s not known to be a fence jumper, and his slight separation anxiety only highlights his deep desire for companionship, improving daily as he grows more confident. 

This lovable giant is fully house-trained, preferring indoor living where he can be close to his family. At bedtime, Baymax knows the drill, settling down without a fuss and staying asleep until morning, showing potential for easy training to adapt to his new family’s routine. On walks, Baymax is a dream, staying close without pulling and showing a healthy curiosity towards the world around him. His affectionate nature means he’s always up for cuddles, and though he’s learning about personal space, his desire for closeness is just another sign of his loving temperament. 

Baymax is motivated by a mix of food, toys, and, above all, affection. While toys may not last long under his enthusiastic play, it’s his cuddles that he values the most. He loves to chat, making every day with Baymax a joy filled with laughter and love. Despite needing some guidance on spending time alone and quieting down at night, Baymax’s willingness to learn and adapt is evident. With continued training and patience, he’s sure to overcome these minor challenges, fully embracing his role as a devoted and loving companion. 

If you’re looking for a loyal friend who will fill your days with joy, laughter, and lots of cuddles, Baymax is waiting for you. His big heart, boundless affection, and eagerness to be part of a loving family make him the perfect addition to any home ready to embrace this gentle giant. Baymax promises to be more than just a pet; he’ll be your faithful companion through all of life’s adventures.

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Thornlands QLD
Feb 2023
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12 years +

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