hand feeding

Feeding Time is Training Time

Make Meal Times Fun Feeding Time is Training TimeHow are you feeding your dog?  Do you just put the feed in the bowl, dump it on the floor and leave? Well, if you are then you are missing out on a golden training opportunity and you may just be inadvertently reinforcing undesirable behaviours in your […]

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focus or check in command

Focus or Check In

Basic Training: Focus or Check In One of the first and most important commands you can teach your deaf dog or hearing dog for that matter is the focus or check in command. Consistency and frequency is the key to this exercise and in no time your deaf dog will constantly check in with you. You […]

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Archbold Design

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

As our regular followers know, earlier this year Hear No Evil was selected by Alison of Archbold Design to be this year’s recipient of funds raised through the sale of her stunningly beautiful range of cat cards.Although the newest addition to Alison’s range isn’t a cat, the beautiful face in the pic below is former […]

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daily telephagraph article

Daily Telegraph – June 2016

Basic Training: Come We have to admit we are biased when it comes to “deafies” that’s because we know just how amazing and special they are. But many people don’t know that which is why we take our dogs to places such as Belrose Petbarn to show them off. Our Sydney coordinator, Jaclyn Tarrant was there […]

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deaf pets

FOUR REASONS why deaf pets make amazing companions

FOUR REASONS why deaf pets make amazing companions Our amazing and hardworking Hear No Evil Secretary, Michelle Coffill recently spoke with Pet Rescue about why deaf pets make amazing companions.  When looking for a pet to adopt, many people tend be scared off when told that it’s deaf. The common thought is that they are un-trainable […]

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in the media

Feature Magazine October 2017

Feature Magazine – Oct 2017 We always get a bit excited when we’re fortunate enough to have an article written about our rescue and our work with deaf dogs. We love sharing the message that deaf isn’t a death sentence and that deaf dogs are still just dogs – they just happen to require a […]

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Craft for Paws Fundraising

Supporting Each Other

Supporting Each Other A few months ago we shared photos of some beautiful crate mats that had been made for and donated to us by the founder of Craft For Paws Fundraising. These mats were distributed amongst our foster carers and some of the lucky dogs who had the chance to receive these mats were […]

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Basic Training: Come

Basic Training: Come One of the basic commands that every dog should learn is the “come” command but it is probably the most important commands that you can teach a deaf or hearing dog because this command can make the difference between lifant and deaf. When training for the “come” command remember these three golden rules […]

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