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Hear No Evil Ambassador Huckleberry

Gaylemarie Photography Halloween Round-Up

Halloween Round-upCharity Fundraiser for Hear no Evil Deaf Dog RescueThe end of October was a little bit crazy here at GayleMarie Photography. It all started back in July when Vicki from Hear no evil contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in doing a Halloween themed Dog photo shoot to help raise funds for […]

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Deaf and blind dog

Look Beyond My Disability: Meet Marilyn

Look Beyond My Disability: Meet MarilynLook Beyond My Disability: Meet MarilynAs Ann (Marilyn’s mum) said, ‘Her megawatt smile should have been enough to get her adopted in a flash!’ – but she was waiting for 2½ years at Hear No Evil Deaf Dog Rescue before finding her forever home with Ann and Richard. Marilyn is […]

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Carer in the spotlight cover

Life Wise Carer Spotlight

Life Wise Carer Spotlight Here at Hear No Evil we don’t just rescue and rehome deaf dogs, a large part of what we do is around informing and educating the wider community about deaf dogs. This can cover a wide variety of information from:How to tell if a dog is deafTraining and behaviour issuesThe benefits […]

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birthday promo

Hear No Evil is Turning 5!

Hear No Evil is Turning 5! Pups Ready For A PawtyHear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is celebrating their fifth birthday. The rescue, the first to specialise in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehome deaf dogs started off as a one dog in one dog out project but quickly spread Australian wide. Now, 5 years later, this […]

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Leader Newspaper

Double Dose Harms Pets Having won a $10,000 grant from the Victorian Govt to run subsidised desexing program, Hear No Evil’s Victorian Coordinator Joanne Heyman have been working tirelessly for close to a year to raise awareness of the harmful birth defects caused by merle to merle breeding.  The word is spreading thanks to articles like […]

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desexing dogs

Australian Dog Lovers July 2019

Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue’s Victorian team successfully applied for and received a $10,000 grant from the Victorian state government to subsidise the costs of desexing dogs that carry the merle or double merle gene

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Loose Lead Walking 101

Loose Lead Walking 101 Does your dog charge out ahead and pulls at the end of his lead?It can make walks rather unpleasant for the both you and the dog. You, who is struggling to control your dog, and the dog which is putting pressure on his neck and throat. At Hear No Evil we are […]

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Courier mail

Queensland rescue groups profile their most difficult to home animals. Every rescue group has one animal that for some unknown reason can’t find a forever home no matter how hard they try. For Hear No Evil it’s Harper! We don’t know why he is still with us as he is such a beautiful and gentle […]

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Pet Tales

Living The Life!

Living the Life In Noosa It’s just not people who love the Noosa Lifestyle…dogs do too.  Sunshine, beaches and a forever home make two deaf cattle dogs very happy. Noosa Magazine tells the tale of Elliot and Huckleberry Finn. 0

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pet health basics

Pet Health Basics

Caring For Your Dog Pet Health BasicsIn rescue we are often presented with animals that have been awfully neglected. The rescue of Miss Flo, mid last year is a prime example of how neglecting the health of your dog can lead to major complications later. (Read more of Miss Flo’s journey click here) Used as a […]

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